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Observations about Andino

The Marlins used Robert Andino as a pinch-hitter in the third inning Sunday, and in all likelhood it was Andino's last at-bat with the big league club for a while. With the addition of Jacque Jones the most likely roster move will be to send Andino to Triple A Albuquerque to make room for Jones. The Marlins won't need Andino as their utility infielder, because Alfredo Amezaga, who has been platooning with Cody Ross in centerfield, will move back to his utility role.

Andino, who walked Sunday, is hitting .182 and is 0 for his last 14 at-bats with 12 strikeouts.


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One Pissed off Marlins Fan

I am so fed up with this team already... They can't pitch/throw strikes, they give up more 0-2 hits then I have ever seen in my life, they cannot play defense, especially Ramirez and that clown Cantu at third... Amezega in the leadoff spot is a JOKE... They cannot produce runs, unless it is the longball, they can't bunt, they make little league baserunning mistakes... They are the worst fielding team in the game... PERIOD!!! They also cannot stay healthy... Am I missing anything? I'm sure that I am, but I am just so tired of watching these guys... The first part of the season is an illusion and we are truly seeing what this team is and will be for the rest of the season... Last place here we come... AGAIN!

P.S. I think the contract has already gotten to Ramirez, because I don't think he's gotten a hit or made a routine defensive play since his contract parameters leaked out a week or so ago.


LOL...you can't be serious. Even with a loss today the Marlins are 5 games over .500 with at least a share of 1st place in the NL East. They have a bad week and you are pissed off and jumping off the bandwagon?!?

Congrats! You are the reason that South Florida sports fans are the worst in America. I love South Florida, but man, our teams deserve better fans. We are a pathetic group and i'm sick of it.

Sorry for the rant, but this last post touched a nerve.

Anyway...Are the Marlins perfect? No, but they have exceeded ALL expectations so far, and a couple of bad series doesn't change that.


One pissed off cry baby...waaaaaaa my team can't pitch...waaaaaaaa, your no fan punk. Im just glad these young guys are competing.Thankful that the Marlins have won 2 titles in there short history. Im not a fan of the marlins fans, im a fan of the Marlins.

One pissed off marlins fan

Suck a dik juan-a-be-diggler!!


Since the Miami Marlins have signed Hansley Ramirez for the long term. Why don't the Miami Marlins look too trade Roberto Andino for some starting pitching or a long term replacement for third base with power and a glove? I'm sorry Roberto I'm a fellow Miami Southridge Spartan too, but you need to get playing time as a starter and I don't see it happening here in the future. You've spent enough time in AAA and you deserve major playing time.

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