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Tonight's lineup

Fredi Gonzalez is sticking with his revised lineup that he introduced Friday.

Amezaga CF

Hermida RF

Ramirez SS

Jacobs 1B

Cantu 3B

Gonzalez LF

Rabelo C

Badenhop P

Milwaukee's lineup is the same as one Scott Olsen threw a 2-hitter against Tuesday night. Brewers manager Ned Yost likes for his pitcher to bat eighth, but he only emplys that lineup when Jason Kendall is catching. Yost likes Kendall, a good contact hitter who walks a lot and takes a lot of pitches, to hit ninth to set up the top of his order. When Kendall doesn't catch, Yost puts the catcher in the eighth spot in the lineup and puts his pitcher in the traditional ninth spot.

Weeks 2B

Cameron CF

Braun LF

Fielder 1B

Hart RF

Hall 3B

Hardy SS

Bush P

Kendall C