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Baseball Night in St. Pete -- LIVE!

TropicanaST. PETERSBURG -- George Richards here again, for Game 2 of the Citrus Series between the Marlins and the homestanding Devil Rays.

It's Latin Festival night here at the Dome, with flags from numerous Latin countries hanging around the ballpark. It's a nice touch. Playing some good music, too. Shame this one isn't on TV tonight. Because of that, I'll be doing live updates throughout the night right here on this post. Exciting, I know.

Anyway, not much going on today. Former Heat and current Orlando coach Stan Van Gundy is here with his dad, father in-law and a couple of his assistant coaches. He's been on the field for a while now, shooting the bull with buddy Fredi Gonzalez and other members of the Marlins and Rays. Fredi's parents are also here, making the run up from Miami. A fun Father's Day Weekend for all.

So, without further ado, here are tonight's lineups. Game updates once we get underway here sometime around 6.

FLORIDA (36-31, 4 games back in NL East): Hanley Ramirez DH; Jeremy Hermida RF; Jorge Cantu 3B; Mike Jacobs 1B; Dan Uggla 2B; Luis Gonzalez LF: Cody Ross CF; Alfredo Amezaga SS; Matt Treanor C; Pitching tonight, Mark Hendrickson (7-4, 5.76).

TAMPA BAY (39-28, 1.5 back in AL East): Akinori Iwamura 2B; Justin Ruggiano LF; Dioner Navarro C; B.J. Upton CF; Evan Longoria 3B; Willy Aybar 1B; Jonny Gomes DH; Gabe Gross RF; Jason Bartlett SS. Pitching tonight, Matt Garza (4-3, 4.38).


-- Just had a parade of some nice bikes from the Latin American Motorcycle Association, now we have the Rays cheerleader people in the back of a Chevy truck throwing out t-shirts with the mascot riding around on an ATV. Like a circus around here. Anyway, it's 5:54, and the flags are about to come out. Will be playing beisbol here pretty soon.

Luis Tiant throws out first pitch. Very cool. A strike.

T1: Good crowd here at the Trop, everyone getting an annoying tamborine-type noisemaker when they walked into the door. Anywho, Hanley grounds out to short to start things off, Hermida strikes out as does Cantu. We're done with this one!

B1: Hendrickson strikes out Iwamura to start things off, but Ruggiano rips one off the wall in right just over Hermida's head for a one-out double. Two outs now, Nick Navarro popping up to Treanor; Upton walks, Longoria grounds out to third. No damage. Still scoreless....

T2: Mike Jacobs grounds out to short after getting new life with a pop-up to the foul side of left field. Ruggiano raced over and had the ball in his glove but lost it when he dove into the seats Uggla-style. Speaking of Uggla, he just grounded out for out No. 2. Gonzo grounds out as we head to the bottom of the second...

B2: With one gone, Jonny Gomes takes Hendrickson deep; Up-up-and-away! a Rays homer...it's 1-0...came on the first pitch he saw since his suspension...That's all TBay gets tho...we're going to the third. TB 1, FLA 0.

T3: With two down, the Fish get a baserunner, Treanor breaking up the no-no (I know, it's only the third) by dropping one into right....Hanley grounds out...that's that...TB 1, FLA 0

B3: Uno, dos, tres for Hendrickson....we head to the fourth...

-- Hello Paolo...have to say I'm rooting for Colombia tonight...nothing personal...but my girlfriend would hit me if I rooted against them...

T4: Good start for the Fish; Hermida doubles into left-center to lead things off...Hermida moves to third on Cantu grounder, then scores on Jacobs' sac fly to center...Marlins tie things up @ 1...Uggla on after getting hit by a pitch...now its Gonzo singling up the middle; two on, two gone...Cody Ross almost decapitated by Garza...good golly!....anyway, no harm, no foul...Ross grounds out to second to end it...FLA 1, TB 1.

B4: Upton opens with a single up the middle, then steals second. Thief. With no outs, Longoria strikes out, then Aybar walks. So one out, two on...Gomes up...long AB, but Gomes strikes out looking...during that AB, Upton and Aybar steal second and third (respectively)...Waechter warming up....Gross walks, bases are juiced (hey, a Jose Canseco reference!)....Tied no more...Bartlett singles up middle, two come home...Rays now lead 3-1...Iko-Iko broken bat groundout to Uggla...inning is over...TB 3, FLA 1

T5: 1-2-3...

B5: Hendrickson still in, gets Rays 1-2-3...

T6: 1 out, Cantu fouls one into the press box...should have brought my glove...then he strikes out...Jacobs flies out...Waechter coming in...

B6: 1-2-3 for Waechter...

T7: With one out, Gonzo walks, moves to second on Ross' grounder...Amezaga battles (Garza still in there) but ends it by popping up behind first...time to stretch, Fishies still down 3-1...


B7: Walk and a hit-by-pitch and TB has runners on with no outs...top of the TB lineup coming as well...Iko-Iko draws a walk, bases loaded and no one out...speaking of that, the Marlins bullpen is active...

Rays push one across, Ruggiano hitting into 4-6-3...so now two outs, runner at third...TB 4, FLA 1 -- Navarro walks, runners at 1-3; Justin Miller coming on to pitch...Upton flies out to right...we're done here...Wheeler to replace Garza when we return...RAYS 4, FLA 1


T8: Fish go quietly 1-2-3...three outs left...

B8: Miller strikes out two, runner at first with two outs...here comes Pinto to face Gabe Gross...Pinto gets a K, going to the ninth...

T9: Cantu pops up and hits a catwalk; it's a dead ball....

Marlins go 1-2-3 in ninth, it's all over...Fish lose 4-1, get just three hits...

See everyone tomorrow..


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Why is Amezaga in the starting lineup? he is a liability defensively, no matter if he is at shortstop his true position or in center field-- A place where when he is put there, you can expect the marlins to be in trouble-- hence, last night.

I see he is in the bottom of the order at least, that is where he belongs.

GO Fish. Time to bounce back! Phillies Lost


Looks like im your only fan here tonight George- I am following the game on the radio while I watch the Canes game on tv... Then at 9 will be switching to some World Cup Qualifying to watch my native peru play against colombia.


Its all good George. But nothing would be better than my native Peru winning, the Canes winning and the Marlins winning all on the same night.

I will be here to chat with you and what not throughout the night if it is alright with you. Hopefully others join in as well.


So George what do you think about the topic of Replay in baseball in general?

By the way, I happen to know " Joe" the man who caught the Griffey ball- He is a follow Marlins season ticket holder... I know I should not say this here but just wanted to create a conversation.


I just read on Florida Marlins.com that Willingham is likely to rejoin the team after the road trip, if not while in Seattle... Do you think Andino will once again be the one sent down? Also, how long before we see Cameron Maybin finally deserves a chance to be called up and see what he can do up here-- Maybe, nurture him by having come off the bench first, and then eventually starter... Who would then be sent down if and when he is called up

george richards

Well, Fredi didn't really say that Hammer would be back this trip...he was asked and he basically said "maybe, but doubtful.'' says its too soon to say, depends how his back feels after playing in a few games...he's been out a while...you don't mess with back injuries...and I would like to see Maybin, but where do you put him once Hammer gets back? it's obvious they're not rushing the kid...heard he looked a little overwhelmed in DET last year...


How much longer can they continue to throw Hendrickson out there? He is what he is....he'll give you 4 or 5 innings and throw a ton of pitches, give up anywhere between 3 and 6 runs. He gave them some decent starts the first two months, but has really hit the wall. Why not have him in the pen and start Badenhop? Then you'd have two lefties in the pen. Or better yet, give Volstad a chance once he gets a couple more starts under his belt coming back from his DL stint.


Maybin is a CF, correct? Other than Cody Ross, I dont think we have had a true CF out there this entire season, or since we lost Juan Pierre for that matter. I was hoping the team would give Jacque Jones more of a chance because he clearly was not given much of a chance in my mind and i hope he accpets his minor league assignment and is back with the team again at some point this season.

I know it was only extended-spring training, but the guy was hitting well... I was there at the game that got rained out where he was suppose to start. I believe despite the circumstances he should have been an instant starter considering again, who we had in CF other than Cody Ross... I think the Fredi messed with his head a little and thats what affected him.


we gotta make something happen!


im gone for tongight. soccer game is on.


it's not looking good.

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