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It's time to send Tucker back

Thanks kid, but it's time to send Ryan Tucker back to the minors. Sure, he has had a couple of decent starts, and when he went five innings and gave up one run in his big league debut against the Reds on June 9, it looked like he might help the Marlins.

But since his debut he has given up 18 runs in 20 innings (that's a 8.10 ERA). He lasted just five innings Monday against the Nationals, the worst hitting team (.238) team in baseball. He probably should have been lifted in the fourth for a pinch-hitter, but the Marlins have a short bench because Dan Uggla is still nursing a ankle injury. Tucker hit for himself and struck out, leaving Matt Treanor stranded at second. Then he goes out in the fifth and promptly gives up two home runs and leaves after needing 101 pitches to get through five forgettable innings. By the way, the Nationals had hit only 60 homers all year before Elijah Dukes and Dmitri Young went deep. Tucker has given up four home runs in his last two starts, a total of nine innings.

The Marlins aren't sure who they will move when Josh Johnson joins the team, but Tucker is making a strong case for himself. He has the potential to be a decent pitcher in the big leagues, but he just doesn't look ready yet.


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I agree, keep tryin til we get it right. There are enough arms to send him back and try something else. You never know who has the "IT" in them?


I disagree. He's got good enough stuff to be a solid setup man. He's definitely the closer of the future, but in the short term he's definitely better than Pinto, king of blowing games.

I'd send him to the pen when JJ returns, then we can send Hendrickson there as well once Volstad is called up (and it will happen in the next month or so).


VOLSTAD ! Yes , what the hell are they waiting for ? Rotation for playoff push....
Pretty good.


I hate watching Freddy continue to mismanage games! Twice he should have pinch hit and both times he didn't Just like the game against the Rays, Tucker struggled the inning before, walking the pitcher and loading the bases. Freddy makes the same mistake, not pinch hitting for his struggling pitcher with runners in scoring position. What happens in the next inning each time? Tucker gives up runs. His managing is pathetic.

Why didn't he pinch hit for Waechter with a runner on 2nd and 1 out in a 4-4 game?!?! What the hell does the bunt do in that situation? Nothing. Its amazing how many times he gets bailed out by this team.


i agree i have a lot of problems with fredi's moves....i know this team like the back of my hand and have been watching them everyday for years...... its just like fredi doesnt know how to play with his gut feeling and instead is always by the book. like when a pitcher gets two outs and is doing fne and then he lifts him for a lefty because a lefty bat comes up!!


Marky Hendrickson is making a mighty strong case for himself as well...

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