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One more shot for Junior

Ken Griffey Jr. will start the fourth and final game of the series Monday night against the Fish, still looking for No. 600.

Griffey is 5 for 8 (.625) with a home run against Marlins starter Mark Hendrickson.Griffeys

Ken Griffey's family has been in town all weekend, and Ken Griffey Sr. has been here as well to see Jr. hit 600.

The Marlins will try to be the first team this season to score more than two earned runs off the big league ERA-leader Edinson Volquez

Here's a look at the lineups:


Ramirez SS

Hermida RF

Cantu 3B

Jacobs 1B

Uggla 2B

Gonzalez LF

Ross CF

Treanor C

Hendrickson P


Hairston SS

Bruce CF

Griffey RF

B. Phillips 2B

Dunn 1B

Encarnacion 3B

Votto 1B

Bako C

Volquez P