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Scoring Drought

  Drought20pix                                If the Marlins don't score as many as two runs Sunday when they sew up their series with the Arizona Diamondbacks, they will set a new franchise record (at least by my research), and it is not a pretty one -- fewest runs scored in the first six games of a homestand.

                So far, the Marlins have scored 13 runs in the first five games of the stand. They're been hitting .180, and now Dan Uggla (the Sports Illustrated jinx?) is gimping around on a bum ankle and probably won't be in the lineup this afternoon. Actually, the Marlins' scoring woes started in the final game in Oakland when they came up with just one run. But let's stick with the home data.

               One has to go back a long, long ways to find a home scoring drought as ugly as the one the Marlins are in now. In fact, you have to go all the way back to those lovable 108-game losers of 1998 to find anything as awful. Twice that September, the Marlins totaled a whopping 15 runs in the first six games of a homestand. The first of those was overlooked because Mark McGwire was launching home runs 56, 57, 58 and 59 at Pro Player Stadium, and I can't imagine that anyone was paying attention to the second instance, either, considering the putridness of the season.

              Only one other time in club history has a Marlins team produced so little, and for that one, you have to go all the way back to the very beginning. The 1993 Marlins scored only 15 runs in their very first home series (remember the one?) against Los Angeles and San Diego, and it was a darn good thing they scored six runs in their inaugural game, that kickoff win over the Dodgers, or it would have been much worse.

            So keep your run clicker handy this afternoon. You never know when you'll get to the use the thing.