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The Joke is on Jake


Billy the Marlin’s gigantic glove is about the size of Montana, so it was easy to spot in the Marlins’ clubhouse Friday. Renyel Pinto had the huge glove and he was taunting (well, teasing) Mike Jacobs.

Pinto had the entire clubhouse laughing as he put the glove on the table in the middle of the room with a large sheet of paper with the words “FOR JACOBS.’’

Jacobs, who made two errors Thursday in Atlanta, laughed it off. Jacobs even had an error on a ball that skipped up and landed inside his in shirt.

“Anything that could happen happened to me in that game yesterday,’’ Jacobs said.

The joke before Friday’s game against the Reds proves a few things:

It proves Pinto, who has the personality of a rock most of the time, has a sense of humor.

It proves Jacobs can take a joke.

And it proves the Marlins are pretty loose, even after that tough road trip They lost 7 of 10 including six games they could have won, and two of those were heartbreakers.