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Uggla and the Fifth

               Dan Uggla may very well be the best No. 5 hitter in the majors, though you night receive some argument from Pittsburgh's Xavier Nady and Houston's Carlos Lee, among others. Beethoven2

        Fifth_dimension        What about "fifths" in general?

               You've got your Fifth Amendment, Fifth Dimension, fifth of whiskey and Beethoven's fifth symphony. Any others out there worth mentioning?


             If Jai Miller never spends another day in the majors, he'll become the 45th non-pitcher to strike out in his only career at bat. The Marlins called up Miller on Sunday to provide emergency help, stuck him in the outfield, and allowed him to hit against the Oakland A's.

            At least he went down swinging before the Marlins gave him his marching papers and sent him back to Albuquerque right after the game.

           If his stat line sticks for good, Jai Miller won't even go down as the only player with the last name Miller to whiff in his only at bat. Rod Miller of the 1957 Brooklyn Dodgers has that distinction.

          Now, can you name the only player who struck out in his only big-league at bat but was later inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame?