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(H.) Ramirez in Lineup -- Marlins/Mets, Wednesday

             Lineups for the rubber match in the series:

             Mets: SS Jose Reyes, 2B Argenis Reyes, 3B David Wright, 1B Carlos Delgado, CF Carlos Beltran, RF Fernando Tatis, LF Marlon Anderson, C Brian Schneider, P Mike Pelfrey.

             Marlins: SS Hanley Ramirez, RF Jeremy Hermida, 3B Jorge Cantu, LF Josh Willingham, 2B Dan Uggla, 1B Mike Jacobs, CF Cody Ross, C John Baker, P Josh Johnson.


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were u the same fool who wrote on the last blog that manny to the marlins a stupid idea??? I mean manny might just be the spark we need to win the division and make attedance grow at least a couple of thousand, ramirez, uggla, and hanley would be a sick punch in a batting order, feared...For a picthing prospect, willingham or hermida? I would do it in a heart beat...I like hermida more than willingham, so willingham seems like the better trade...

Honestly i think kevin gregg, willingham, and a prospect for ramirez would be a good deal and the red sox eat some of the salary left on manny's deal this year, it would be a fair deal, and then we could maybe make another trade for another pitcher and/or catcher, matt treanor might be ready soon though and he isn't good, but he isn't bad for now with the amount of hitting power we have and would have if manny came to the marlins...

Do it if the deal is right, the marlins would make so many fans happy that they finally have done something exciting through a trade in mid season...come on benifest, go for it


Manny to the Marlins, the team has come a long way when crazy rumors like this swirl around in late July. Heck lets not stop there lets re-visit the A-Rod rumors

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