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Lineups -- Marlins/Padres (Monday)


              Jorge Cantu returned to the lineup but Dan Uggla remains sidelined with a sprained left ankle. Uggla did not take part in any baseball-related activities on Monday, but said he hoped to "step it up" on Tuesday. He said he is available to pinch hit.

             Marlins: SS Hanley Ramirez, RF Luis Gonzalez, 3B Jorge Cantu, LF Josh Willingham, 1B Mike Jacobs, CF Cody Ross, C Matt Treanor, 2B Alfredo Amezaga, P Ricky Nolasco.

             Padres: RF Jody Gerut, 2B Edgar Gonzalez, 1B Adrian Gonzalez, 3B Kevin Kouzmanoff, LF Chase Headley, CF Scott Hairston, SS Khalil Greene, C Luke Carlin, P Greg Maddux.


              NO ROOF NECESSARY

              Nothing beats the weather in San Diego, where it is sunny and 70s pretty much every day of the year. They have had two -- count 'em, TWO -- rainouts here over the past 23 seasons. Nothing in the forecast rainwise for the series, either.  Petco

              The Marlins haven't played half-bad in San Diego over the years. They're 26-28 all-time in S.D. and 6-7 at Petco Park. A.J. Burnett tossed one of the Marlins' four no-hitters at old Qualcomm Stadium in 2001, issuing nine walks (but who's counting?) in the process.

             If you ever make it out to Petco, don't miss the fish taco.




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How is the neighborhood around Petco? Is/was it a bad area? Has the stadium revitalized the surrounding neighborhoods? I'm trying to figure out why the city/county of Miami(dade) are force feeding the team the OB site, when the downtown site on the public lands is clearly superior...

Is there any reason for that? Are they really going to let some childrens/juvenile/family law type of courthouse supercede what is best for the city, and that is the downtown stadium...

If Braman wins his lawsuit, are there any real viable cities for the Marlins to relocate? If there are not, I hope Braman wins, so the Marlins can push the local govt to give the team the downtown site. Look at Denver, B'More, Pittsburgh and other locales where the stadiums were in bad areas and now those areas are the hippest/liveliest in those respective cities.

Also, tradewise, can the Marlins make a few moves? They are clearly in it and in 2006, I don't recall any moves being made when they should have. Now, in 2008, do something PLEASE. Show the fans and the city you are committed to getting a winner on the field. Get a decent C, maybe trade Jake or Macpherson for some pitching help or the C the team so desperately needs.

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