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Lineups -- Marlins/Dodgers (Sunday)

           Hanley Ramirez is out of the lineup with a sore right shoulder. Alfredo Amezaga is leading off and starting at shortstop. Some of the Marlins were watching the Phillies/Diamondbacks game with great interest as they prepared to take the field at Dodger Stadium. A Marlins victory, coupled with a Philadelphia loss, would move the Marlins into first place (though possibly in tandem with the New York Mets, who played later Sunday).

          "We have a chance to be in first place, boys," first baseman Mike Jacobs yelled out when the Diamondbacks took a 2-0 lead on the Phillies.

         Kevin Gregg is not available tihs afternoon, having pitched the last four games and five of the last six. But starter Scott Olsen is available for bullpen use if necessary. Fredi Gonzalez said he could go to Olsen, who has not pitched since Wednesday, if the game goes to extra innings. Olsen isn't due to make his next start until Saturday after the All-Star break. Joe Nelson would be the likely candidate in a save situation today.

                The lineups:

         Marlins: SS Alfredo Amezaga, RF Luis Gonzalez, 3B Jorge Cantu, LF Josh Willingham, 2B Dan Uggla, 1B Mike Jacobs, CF Cody Ross, C Paul Hoover, P Andrew Miller.

         Dodgers: RF Matt Kemp, LF Andre Ethier, C Russell Martin, SS Nomar Garciaparra, CF Andruw Jones, 1B James Loney, 3B Andy LaRoche, 2B Luis Maze, P Chad Billingsley.