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Lineups - Marlins/Rockies

             Arthur Rhodes was flying in from Dallas and was expected to be on hand, and available. tonight. He'll wear uniform #53 with catcher John Baker going to #21.....

             Rockies: CF Willy Taveras, SS Troy Tulowitzki, LF Matt Holliday, RF Brad Hawpe, 1B Garrett Atkins, 3B Ian Stewart, C Yorvit Torrealba, 2B Omar Quintanilla, P Jorge De La Rosa.

             Marlins: SS Hanley Ramirz, RF Jeremy Hermida, 1B Jorge Cantu, LF Josh Willingham, 2B Dan Uggla, 3B Wes Helms, CF Cody Ross, C John Baker, P Anibal Sanchez.


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sounds like the Marlins wanted to make a profit in the Manny trade IN ADDITION TO GETTING MANNY!

this is a joke. Redsox are paying full salary of Manny in LA, Marlins were offered the same. Dodgers gave up nothing of substance prospect-wise. What are the Marlins thinkings. Give up Hammer and a pitching prospect, get it done.

This ownership group should be removed. Keep the baseball operations people and get rid of Loria. This is the final straw. I almost hope Braman appeals the lawsuit so the Marlins have to open their books. There are no cities available for an MLB team, the Fish arent going anywhere. So another year at Joe Robbie, no big deal.



I agree. Another black eye for the FO in the eyes of the fans. If this deal was nixed b/c the Marlins were asking for 2 extra million from the Sawx on top of the full salary kicker the Sox were taking care of, Loria is a cheap ass like usual.

Not a good sign for things to come. Hopefully the young guys can keep this thing going.

How about a damn Dallas McPherson call up? Jeez.

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