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Marlinsrain George Richards here at Joe Robbie Stadium where the dark clouds seem to be departing the Metro Miami Gardens area. It looks like we're going to be playing baseball here tonight.

The Marlins got a brief respite from the heat of batting practice as a sun shower rolled in, prompting some players to head into the dugout for stretching. But the sun is out now (4:30 p.m.) and the infield is being worked on.

In case you haven't heard, the New York Metropolitans are in town for a three-game set. Ricky Nolasco (10-6, 3.99) takes on John Maine (9-7, 4.20).

Don't have the Mets lineup yet, but will post when I do. For now, enjoy the Marlins lineup, brought to you by Cheapo Brand Rain Ponchos.

-- Marlins (55-50, 2 GB of first-place Mets in NL East): Hanley Ramirez SS; Jeremy Hermida RF; Jorge Cantu 3B; Josh Willingham LF; Dan Uggla 2B; Mike Jacobs 1B; Cody Ross CF; John "Don't Call Me Ponch" Baker C; Ricky Nolasco P.

-- Mets (57-48, 1 game ahead of Phillies in NL East): Jose Reyes SS; Endy Chavez RF; David Wright 3B; Carlos Delgado 1B; Carlos Beltran CF; Fernando Tatis LF; Damion Easley 2B; Brian Schnieder C; John Maine P.

-- C Matt Treanor (strained left hip) met with a specialist in Philadelphia today, and while Fredi Gonzalez was more than a little vague on the diagnosis, surgery is not in the cards and Treanor is on his way back to SoFla. Plan is he starts working again tomorrow. Some of Fredi's workouts planned for Treanor? "Running the 110 hurdles,'' he said. "Then we're going to make him try and block his wife's [volleyball] shot.''

Good luck doing that when 100 percent healthy Matthew....

-- Anibal Sanchez is back with the Fish, "penciled in" to start Thursday against the Colorado Rockies (not the hockey team. They moved to New Jersey.) He spoke at length with some of the SoFla scribes, so will have more on that later.

-- LHP Taylor Tankersley is back in the bullpen after being recalled from Triple A.