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Treanor Plans to Play Through Injury + Lineups


         Matt Treanor plans to be back on the field for the Marlins as early as next Tuesday when they open a six-game road trip in Philadelphia. That's assuming there are no more setbacks between now and then for the injured catcher as he works his way back from a pelvic and hip injury, one that will require surgery after the season.

           "I felt like the best thing to do was see if I could get through the season," said Treanor, who received a cortisone injection on Monday and returned to  baseball activites on Tuesday. "Hopefully, on Thursday, i can get out and play and play some (minor-league rehab) games."Matt_treanor

          Treanor said a MRI peformed Monday revealed three muscle tears in the pelvic region.

          "The purpose isn't to get out there, see what I can do, and hurt the ballclub," he said. "If I don't feel like, and the club doesn't feel like, I'm going to be effective, they're not going to put me back out there."

          Treanor, who was placed on the DL on July 8,  said he was starting to notice improvement even before Monday's visit in Philadelphia with a specialist.

         "He did say the risk of further injury is there," Treanor said. "It's not like the shot is a magic cure-all."


          Mets: SS Jose Reyes, LF Nick Evans, 3B David Wright, 1B Carlos Delgado, CF Carlos Beltran, RF Fernando Tatis, 2B Damion Easley, C Ramon Castro, P Oliver Perez.

          Marlins: SS Hanley Ramirez, RF Jeremy Hermida, 1B Jorge Cantu, LF Josh Willingham, 2B Dan Uggla, 3B Wes Helms, CF Cody Ross, C Paul Hoover, P Scott Olsen.