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UFO's Sighted Over Dolphin Stadium -- Manny Ramirez to Marlins?

           Beam me up, Scotty.

           SI.com is reporting aliens have descended on Dolphin Stadium and dropped off the reincarnated figure of Babe Ruth. Just kidding. Actually, what is being reported is that the Marlins are "engaged" in discussions with the Red Sox for Manny Ramirez, which is just about as laughable as some supermarket tabloid story.

           One reported trade scenario: Jeremy Hermida and minor-league pitcher Jeff Allison to the Sox for Manny. Think about that one. Allison, the former first-round draft pick whose substance abuse problems have cost him years in experience and about four to five MPH on his once-hyped fastball, is now 23 and pitching in the low minors. He is not exactly hot item he was five years ago when he was the national high school player of the year. And Hermida is no Ramirez no matter how you cut it. So what would the Red Sox be gaining other than ridding themselves of a lazy malcontent? And is Ramirez the sort of clubhouse presence the Marlins want to deal with at the moment? Is he the answer to their glaring catching, pitching and defensive needs?

          The Ramirez-to-Marlins rumor sounds to me like someone's imagination on acid.

          The Marlins are working the phones as Thursday's 4 p.m. non-waiver trade deadline approaches. My hunch is they'll do something less sensational -- something that better fits their needs -- obtaining either a lefty reliever or catcher, or both. But if they don't get something done before then, they can still comb through the waiver list to craft trades in August (remember Jeff Conine in 2003 and Ed Vosberg in 1997), so it's not like it's now or never.


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I don't know if it sounds silly, but in a tight NL East playoff race, I think a bat like his would be welcomed. Manny's batting .301 with 68 RBI's and 66 runs compared to Hermida's .254, 47 RBI's and 57 runs. Plus, the Marlins do need better attendance, right? Well, who better than Mr. "Manny-being-Manny"?
Considering there is another Ramirez on the team, just think of all the knick-name possiblites. The Ramirez brothers; The Dominicans; The Dominican Ramirez's; and my personal favorite, "Manley."
A man can dream, a man can dream.

Mike Hunt

DO IT NOW before the red sox realize the stupidity of that trade. Marlins wont need a hitting catcher theyll be ROCK SOLID BABY

rob m.

Hey fool.....this is the actual trade:

- We get: Manny and a Pirates lefty reliever.

- Pit gets: Hermida, Tucker, and 1 more Marlins prospect and a Boston prospect.

- Boston gets: Jason Bay and a Marlins prospect.

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