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Fredi swims with the Dolphins

Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez spent Friday morning visiting the Dolphins training camp in Davie. He didn’t give Bill Parcells any advice or get any from Parcells.


“It’s a different sport, a different shaped ball, but you’re still dealing with people,’’ said Gonzalez, who had seen Parcells during spring training. The Marlins share a facility with the Cardinals and Parcells is close friends with Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa, who invites Parcells to camp every spring.

“Bill is a baseball fan, a die-hard baseball fan,’’ Gonzalez said. “He helps out at the Cardinals spring training, and Tony lets him manage a couple of innings. If he gives me a hint that he wants to manage, I’ll bring him over and let him manage a couple of innings,’’ he joked. “He is sharp and knowledgeable not just in football, but in other (sports).’’

Gonzalez also visited with Dolphins coach Tony Sparano, and noticed right away that Sparano wasn’t a Marlins’ fan. .

“I went into his office and he had a Mets cap hanging there,’’ Gonzalez said.