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Knee Inflammation Shuts Down Gregg

            Struggling Marlins closer Kevin Gregg said he'll be sidelined indefinitely with left knee inflammatoin, which he blames for part of his recent problems. Gregg gave up a grand slam home run to Carlos Beltran in the ninth on Friday, giving him four losses in his past seven outings.

            No announcement has been made about which reliever would assume the closer's role in Gregg's absence, though Matt Lindstrom would loom as a likely candidate.

           Gregg, who leads the majors with nine blown saves, said the knee has bothered him for several weeks.

           "Unfortunately, I think I made a bad decision of trying to play through some inflamation in my knee," Gregg told reporters after the clubhouse opened this afternoon. "We've got to back off it a little bit. It has been barking at me a little bit."

          Gregg said he didn't know how much time he would have to miss. But, with rosters expanding on Monday, the Marlins have no need to place him on the disabled list.

          Following his latest meltdown on Friday, Gregg said he was "killing" the team with his failure to close out wins.

          Lindstrom said he has not been told anything about changing roles.

         "If they want to use me in that role, I welcome it," Lindstrom said. "If that's what they decide to do, I'll be ready to go."


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Yeah sure buddy.....the bad decision was made by fredi gonzalez to keep this bum around....No one guy can loose a season for you but Kevin Gregg is about as close as you can get....9 blown saves and almost about 6 more and still stubourn coach turned to him....I like Fredi as a person but he is so gone after this season.....hopefully wes helms too !


No sorry it is the player and manager's responsibility to monitor health. If Gregg truly has been hurt he should not have been out there in helping to kill the Marlins season.

I can't put too much blame on a guy who plays 1/2 an inning when the team can't situational hit if their life depended on it, atrocious starting pitching the first half of the season, poor defense, way too many strike outs and the obvious lackluster management.

Guy Pines

I hope I never see this cocky b--tard again. Unless perhaps I happen to be attending a Class A ballgame in Podunk, Mississippi, and the home team has already used up the entire bullpen, the mascot, and the guy who sleeps under the local interstate overpass.

What a freakin' attitude. Sure fooled Fredi.

Condoms for Sarah Palin

Condoms for Sarah Palin wrote:


Miami and the Dade County School system just this past week are in a major crisis because they have no money and are cutting programs and are in a impasse with shouting matches. And it is all because of budgets and money and whether the school system can continue to operate or not.

And it is under this scenario that the politicians of that city are considering opening up the coffers to give hundreds of millions of dollars so that the Marlins can have a free stadium where no one from Broward or Palm Beach counties will bother to go. IF YOU CARE ABOUT SCHOOLS AND WHETHER THE CHILDREN SHOULD HAVE THE MONEY or it should be GIVEN TO BASEBALL MILLIONAIRES ...... SPEAK UP.

Sell the team to someone who can afford to own a team.

Someone sent me a couple of links to articles that discuss the misconceptions of such use of public funds for building new stadiums for millionaire owners and millionaire players. Take a look at two related articles that SPORTS ILLUSTRATED published recently on this subject and you can see for yourself what has happened recently with similar projects in other cities:

The Links to Sports Illustrated Articles:



The fallacy that a new stadium helps brings many "good" jobs and better economic prosperity to a community seems to be just that, a big fallacy, because after the initial curiosity and novelty wears off in the part of the public, the few jobs that a new stadium brings are temporary, part time and entry level-minimum wage variety. They are not solid middle class building jobs on which someone can support a family.

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