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Rhodes is rolling along

       Well, that Arthur Rhodes deal has looked pretty good so far. Rhodes, a left-handed relief specialist who came over from Seattle for Gaby Hernandez, came into Monday’s game in the eighth with one out and a runner at first to face lefty Rick Ankiel.

Rhodes ended the inning with a 4-6-3 double play, and has now faces five batters since coming to the Marlins. He has struck out three and induced a double play.


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Arthur Rhodes was a very nice deal near deadline, but I was hoping the Fish would make the deal that had ESPN drooling. Everytime Hermida goes 0fer, I cringe at the thought that somewhere in LA, a Dodger fan is cheering at even the most miniscule of contact on the ball from Manny. Take the eighth inning of this game for example. Hanley stands only ninty feet away from tying the game and Hermida grounds out, Willingham watches three strikes, and Jacobs finishes off the inning for the Cards. In games like these where it's certainly not out of reach, a Manny would be a great addition.
BUT, since that's definitely not an option at this point, they have to start making noise with their bats.

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