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There's a reason Kevin Gregg is the closer

Should the Marlins keep Kevin Gregg in the closer role?

Before you rush out to replace Gregg, or rip into Fredi Gonzalez for using Gregg, there are a few things to consider.

I know there are a lot of Marlins fans who want to vote Gregg off the island today after he blew Saturday night's game by giving up a three-run homer to Daryle Wardr.

Gregg has blown seven games this season, but there’s a reason he is this team’s closer. That job was up for grabs a year ago, and he is the one who stepped up and took it.

There are 14 pitchers in the big leagues with at least six blown saves, including All-Star George Sherrill of the Orioles and Mets closer Billy Wagner. Even Francisco Rodriguiez, who is on a record-breaking pace, has blown five games this season.

Gregg is not a lights-out closere. No one will ever confuse him with Mariano Rivera or even Bryan Harvey, but he is the best the Marlins have, and they will live and die with him over the stretch run.

Gregg has had his problems, but no one in the Marlins’ bullpen has been consistent enough to replace him in the role. Matt Lindstrom and Joe Nelson have been effective at times, but Nelson has blown three saves in three save opportunities, and Lindstrom blew his only save opportunity. In fact, the Marlins’ bullpen has combined to blow 12 saves in 12 save opportunities.

Here are the stats:

Name                                                   Save Opp.        Blown Save

Joe Nelson                                           3                      3

Logan Kensing                                     2                      2

Taylor Tankersley                                 2                      2

Renyel Pinto                                         1                      1

Matt Lindstrom                                     1                      1

Justin Miller                                          1                      1

Doug Waechter                                    1                      1

Ryan Tucker                                         1                      1