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Pinto's problems

            Sure, Pinto had that impressive April, but now that games mean so much more he has turned he has lost his effectiveness. His ERA since the All-Star break is a whopping 6.99.

         He has been even worse lately. He blew it again Wednesday by coming into the game and turning a 2-2 game into a 4-2 deficit. He has given up five hits and a walk to the last 11 batters he has faced, and he has given up six runs over his last five appearances. That’s six runs over a total of two innings, or an ERA of 27.00.


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Fredi, Just say no to Pinto.

Everytime he gets up there, he scares me. And when he isn't giving up runs, he finds a way to throw pitches that make contact ... on the hitters! He is plain scary when he gets on the mound. And definitely no the good scary, not for the Marlins, at least.


Can we ban Pinto and Willingham from the stadium? They are both murdering this team right now. Ban Justin Miller too while we are at it. I don't remember the last time he was effective in a close game either.

local fan

This team's lack of fundamentals are agonizing ... Failing to get guys over, failing to cover first base ... Come on! Two times we had bases loaded with one guy out and we hit into a double play?! Damn.


pinto has great stuff and can be very effective but he needs to get his head out of his ass


Fredi, Just say no to Pinto!

2 games back

Thank you for starting this post. If you notice everytime they show Pinto warming up they post his ERA. Everytime it is higher then the last. It does not take a genius to figure out everytime he is giving up runs. Why did we get Rhodes. We hardly ever use him!!! When he came in I told my husband we will be down by 2 by the end of this inning. Pretty predictable!!!

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