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A Gray (Uniform) Day

Gray_johnson                 With Josh Johnson going this afternoon at Busch Stadium, the Marlins will be wearing their gray road uniforms. Gray is Johnson's uniform of choice on the road and, being the starting pitcher, that decision belongs to him. When the Marlins play at home, Johnson usually goes with white pinstripes. He shies away from the black unis.

                Ricky Nolasco, on the other hand, likes black and almost always puts in that color request with the team's equipment manager -- at home and on the road -- for his starts. Scott Olsen is superstitious about his uniforms. When the Marlins win the day before he starts, Olsen sticks with the Black_nolasco_3 same color. When they lose, he changes shades. Thus, the Marlins wore black on Friday when Nolasco was on the mound and, because they won that game, wore black again on Saturday when Olsen had the hill.

               Chris Volstad and Anibal Sanchez are not particular. At least that's what I'm hearing.