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Uggla and Hanley on verge of history

There has been a lot written about the Marlins’ ability to hit home runs this season, and now they are on the verge of pulling off a rare feat and rewriting a bit of baseball history.

            Shortstop Hanley Ramirez and second baseman Dan Uggla are about to go into the record book as the most powerful single season middle infielders to ever play for the same team.

When Ramirez hits his next home run – his 30th –Uggla and Ramirez will become the first second baseman and shortstop to hit 30 home runs or more each for the same team in the same season.

            It’s never been done.

There have been only a handful of times in history that a shortstop and second baseman from any team hit 30 or more homers in the same season, including last season when Philadelphia shortstop Jimmy Rollins hit 30 home runs and Uggla hit 31 for the Marlins.

But the idea of it happening for the same team seemed ludicrous until Ramirez and Uggla showed up for the Marlins two years ago. They came close a year ago when Uggla hit 31 and Ramirez hit 29 home runs.

Uggla hit his 30th homer on Saturday, and Ramirez has 19 games left in which to reach 30. Earlier in the season, it appeared as if Uggla and Ramirez might be the first pair of middle infielders on the same team to reach 40. They both went to the All-Star Game with 23 home runs each, and had a legitimate shot at 40 each, but their home run numbers have dropped considerably in the second half of the season.

            Ramirez can give the Marlins another distinction when he hits No. 30, joining first baseman Mike Jacobs and Uggla as the only three infielders on a National League team to hit 30 or more home runs. Jason Giambi, Miguel Tejada and Eric Chavez were the only other trio to pull off the 30-homer seasons for the 2001 Oakland Athletics.