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The Masses Have Spoken -- Marlins Nation (World?) Has A Pulse -- Really!

             Votes poured in from all over the planet. Great Britain. Israel. Colombia. Nicaragua. Puerto Rico. Some tiny town in Austria. Some blip in the crystal blue sea south of Cuba. And, of course, the U.S. of A. We heard from close to 300 of you, and this is what you had to say about the Marlins' three recent trades.

            For the most part, you liked them.

            The Kevin Gregg deal to the Cubs for 21-year-old heavyweight, Jose Ceda, you really loved.

            The deal that sent Josh Willingham and Scott Olsen to the Nationals for Emilio Bonifacio and two long-range minor-league prospects, you found slightly distasteful.

            The Mike Jacobs to Kansas City transaction, somewhere inbetween.

            Here's how it shook out on the polling end of our survey:

            -- About 3/4ths (76.6 percent ) of you called the Gregg trade a "good" one, with slightly under 8 percent describing it as "bad." The rest went for "only time will tell."

           -- Most of you also thought the Jacobs trade for reliever Leo Nunez was "good," but only barely (55.5 percent). This trade, the first made by the Marlins in their recent run of swaps, seemed to be the one that left most of you in an uncertain state. Just about a quarter of you (25.7 percent) labeled this one under "only time will tell" while the rest (18.8 percent) said it was a "bad" one.

           -- The trade that brought most frowns was Willingham and Olsen to the Nats for Bonifacio and the two minor-leaguers, P.J. Dean and Jake Smolinski. Just about half casting votes (49.6 percent) categorized this trade as "bad." Many (34.1 percent) are giving it the benefit of the doubt and calling it "only time will tell." Only 16.3 percent of voters thought it was a "good" trade.



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the trades were good for us... we save money and get youth that has an upside but we traded proven players so in the end it really comes down to salary and money Look at the offer CC Sabathia just got from yankees that is more money in one year for one more yankee than the entire payroll of the florida Marlins.... that is why it is sad to be a marlins fan. Gotta love the young talent we bring in and train and then ultimately lose when their hot.


Minimum salary cap>>?????


All the players we got may or may not end up being great but they will also be traded in a few years. This is what the Marlins have always done. They won't change with a new stadium or if millons of fans go each year. Afterall they dismantled 2 championship teams dyas after both world series.

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