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Marlins Trades -- Yeah or Nay -- Poll Time


          The Marlins did it again today. The lords of baseball's Hot Stove League pulled off another deal, trading Kevin Gregg to the Chicago Cubs for minor-league reliever Jose Ceda. 

          That's the third trade the trigger-happy Marlins have made since the end of the season, and they're probably not done yet. We'd like to have your input on each of them. Please take a couple of minutes to take this brief poll and tell us -- good, bad or only time will tell -- how you think the Marlins made out.

          Remember to click on "Cast Your Vote" each time you provide a response to one of the three trade questions.


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Craig Prager

Sounds like salary dumping to me!!! What a waste. You think the Marlins weren't a big draw in 2008, wait 'til next year.


I like the moves and I like how aggressive the Marlins have been this off season. Sure most of the moves are out of the desire to lighten payroll but so far all the players traded were expendable.


I thought our payroll was expanding ? LOL


They could have traded Kevin Gregg to the Chicago Cubs for Jose Ceda's dead great great grandmother and it would have been a great trade. Kevin Gregg was PERSONALLY responsible for the Marlins not making the playoffs last year. He personally cost us at least five or six wins. Of course, the manager has to take a good deal of the blame for throwing that complete moronic bum out there. I'd never liked Gregg, right from the start, and his vacuous, idiotic stare as he "read" the text in his commercial to promote "not" smoking showed me why.


I wish we could trade Jeffria Loria!

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