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Hermida Trade Rumblings


            Just spoke with a team executive for a National League team, who said that it was the Rangers and Mariners who initiated talks about Hermida, not the other way around. Apparently, those talks didn't last very long. So it's back to square one with the outfielder, who must feel like a Ping-Pong ball the way his name continues to be bounced about. Remember, Hermida was to go to Pittsburgh at the July trading deadline in the Manny Ramirez discussions the Marlins had with Boston and the Pirates.

             The Marlins have dangled Jeremy Hermida in separate trade offers to the Texas Rangers and Seattle Mariners, but no deal is imminent and the team remains content to opening the season with the outfielder.

             It's unclear what the Marlins asked for in return for Hermida. But, considering their desire for catching help, possibilities include Rob Johnson from Seattle and either Jarrod Saltalamacchia or Taylor Teagarden from Texas.

            The Red Sox have also had discussions with the Rangers about their two catchers.

            Johnson is a right-handed hitter, which the Marlins are seeking to provide balance for their projected starting catcher, John Baker. He is considered better defensively than he is at the plate -- a "Dan Wilson type," according to one American League scout. He has spent most of the past three seasons at Triple A Tacoma, where he hit .305 with nine home runs last season.

            If Hermida remains with the Marlins, which remains a strong possibility, he'll likely shift from right field to left.



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Why would Texas initiate talks for an OF/1B with all the outfielders and first basemen they have already on the team. They would be asking about Florida's pitching. This guy's wrong.


More likely offered Max Ramirez, and Florida declined.


Texas wouldn't trade any catcher unless pitching was involved, especially for a position they are already strong at. First basemen are Davis and Blalock, Outfielders are Hamilton, Cruz, Murphy, Byrd, and Boggs. Four of those seven players are left handed hitters. Texas won't be looking for a 1B/OF, especially a left handed hitting one.


I know the Marlins need at least another Catcher to help out Baker with the responsibilities behind the plate; however, giving up the likes of Hermida would be a large step in the wrong direction for the their outfield. Hermida who is only in his mid 20's has the capability to hit 30 plus homeruns and being such a young talent it would be foolish for the Marlins to give up such an offensive talent for a backup Catcher.

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