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Report: Red Sox Fished for Hanley

Hanley_throwing              They had him once and gave him up.  Now, apparently, the Red Sox have a sudden hankering to bring back Hanley Ramirez. Of course, that would involve prying him loose from the Marlins.

             According to a report on SI.com, the Sox tried (but failed) to orchestrate a trade with the Marlins for the All-Star shortstop after losing out to the Yankees in the bidding war for Mark Teixeira. In return, the Marlins were entertained with a package of players, including outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury and pitcher Clay Buchholz.

            The Marlins, according to the story, decided not to part company with Ramirez, who has emerged as one of the top offensive stars in the game after coming to South Florida in the 2005 trade with Boston for Josh Beckett and Mike Lowell. The Marlins signed Ramirez, 25, to a six-year deal early last summer.