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Report: Red Sox Fished for Hanley

Hanley_throwing              They had him once and gave him up.  Now, apparently, the Red Sox have a sudden hankering to bring back Hanley Ramirez. Of course, that would involve prying him loose from the Marlins.

             According to a report on SI.com, the Sox tried (but failed) to orchestrate a trade with the Marlins for the All-Star shortstop after losing out to the Yankees in the bidding war for Mark Teixeira. In return, the Marlins were entertained with a package of players, including outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury and pitcher Clay Buchholz.

            The Marlins, according to the story, decided not to part company with Ramirez, who has emerged as one of the top offensive stars in the game after coming to South Florida in the 2005 trade with Boston for Josh Beckett and Mike Lowell. The Marlins signed Ramirez, 25, to a six-year deal early last summer.






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Let's see, trade one stud for several big pieces... dump salary, reload on MLB ready talent... it would take more than Ellsbury and Buchholz but Boston is a good trading partner. I would ask for Lugo (Boston picks up entire salary), you also have to get Buchholz, Ellsbury, Masterson, and Bowden. Buchholz looks to be a #1/#2 SP and Masterson looks to be a solid #3/4 type SP. Bowden is very young but knocking on the door and Ellsbury is as impressive as it gets in CF. This is a lot for Boston and Florida to part with...


Ramirez comes across lazy and his big contract got to his head. His defense is bad, he strikes out a lot and he's the worst with RIP.
honestly, he's a bit overrated


Hanley is locked up for relatively low money.


stupidity , we have enough young pitching , almost double the amount any club has.....why do i get the feeling that nobody bites for Manny and we sign him for 2 yrs around 30 mil!
I mean who else is gonna sign this guy???


Ridiculous. Hanley Ramirez is a top 3 player in all of baseball, and definitely the best SS. And why do we need Jacoby Ellsbury??? We have a young stud in Cameron Maybin who plays CF, and is going to better than Ellsbury. And Clay Buchholz, guy throws a no hitter, and goes 2-9 with a Red Sox lineup- no thank you. The Marlins gave the Redsox too many Championships with that Beckett and Lowell trade. No need to give them the best SS in all of baseball.
Hanley is the one reason, I really like watching the Marlins, trade him and the stadium will get emptier.


he's a bit overrated. worst fielder, worst hitter with RISP. strikes out a lot and a bit lazy


alex, we heard you the first time

RISP is a more or less meaningless stat. read 'moneyball' or learn anything about statistics and sample sizes and you'll see that. his defense is improving, and i think you'll see his errors drop next year. he already improved his range from 07 to 08. and he doesn't strike out all that much. his 08 total was well above his 07 total, but that was more than compensated for by his increase in walks.

as for the lazy thing, whatever. that's pretty subjective and you can think w.e. you want.

but at the end of the day, considering the park he plays in, he may be the most complete offensive player in the game today (assuming he keeps his steals up). pujols is the better obviously, but hanley has that speed factor that may put him over the top.


I also believe Hanley is over rated. He's going to be making 3 hitter money, and has demonstrated having a problem with the role already. He is loaded with talent but doesn't seem to have a baseball head. He came up under the "Cabrera" era, and might have learned too many bad habits from the former stat star. It's the result of a lack of veteran leadership...something the Marlins have been stuck with for a long time. You don't get leadership from your bench veterans like you do from starter veterans.


It would leave us with a crowded outfield and a gaping hole at shortstop. That's a big no.


"Gave the redsox to many championships with the Lowell & Beckett trade"? How many was that? ONE!

Is this guys serious? "I would ask for Lugo (Boston picks up entire salary), you also have to get Buchholz, Ellsbury, Masterson, and Bowden. Buchholz looks to be a #1/#2 SP and Masterson looks to be a solid #3/4 type SP. Bowden is very young but knocking on the door and Ellsbury is as impressive as it gets in CF"
Why not ask for Pedroia and YOUK as well?

Im sure the sox would do the LUGO and eat the majority of the $, Ellsbury, and Buckholz. They dont need to do much more than that because they have great team that should be better next year as their young players improve.


Signing Hanley Ramirez to a six year deal was by far the best thing to happen to the Marlins since 1997. To let him go for Clay Buchholz and Jacoby Ellsbury would be one of the worst trades in the history of sports! Although they are both solid young ball players they definately will never have the impact Hanley will have for the Marlins for years to come. Plus they already have enough pitching and outfield talent to go around. Honestly if they ever decide to part ways with Ramirez before his contract is up, I would put my fanhood aside and disown the Marlins as my Major League Baseball team. I know that sounds a little harsh but you think their attendence is down now, try boosting ticket sales without their franchise player!

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