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Payroll Edging Up, But Marlins Will Trail Pack (Again)

               The Marlins budgeted three more millionaires for the 2009 season on Tuesday when they reached contract agreements with Ricky Nolasco ($2.4 million), Cody Ross ($2.225 million) and Alfredo Amezaga ($1.3 million).

              Jorge Cantu ($3.5 million) and Jeremy Hermida ($2.25 million) reached agreements Monday. 

              Assuming an independent arbitor awards Dan Uggla anywhere from $5 million to $6 million when the All-Star second baseman has his salary arbitration hearing in February, the Marlins will likely open the season with a payroll in the $33 million range.

               That's an increase from their 2008 roster figure of $22 million, but should keep them positioned at the bottom of the major league totem pole for the third time in four years.               


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I guess we should be grateful for the little things in life.


Lets sign David Samson and Freddy Gonzalez to one year deals....see if they like it.


Fans should stop buying from the concession stands and use that money to buy tickets, since the Marlins do not get much of the concession money. Buy the time you buy a drink and a hotdog you have just spent a tickets worth of money.


The Rays will be at 60 mil this year.


Contract the Marlins!!


Paying Harmonica that much money is a waste for the tight-fisted Marlins.He's a waste of oxygen!

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