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Hanley Ramirez to Bat Third

           Ramirez swinging     Hanley Ramirez said Sunday he'll be batting third to start the season, with either Cameron Maybin or Emilio Bonifacio hitting in the leadoff spot.

               "I've got to change my approach now," Ramirez said. "Me, Uggla and Cantu -- we've got to drive in runs. And Maybin and (Bonifacio) have to get on base."

               Ramirez has enjoyed more success batting leadoff than he has in the third hole. Last season, Ramirez hit one homer and drove in just four runs in his 56 at bats in the third spot.

               But he said he doesn't think he struggled because he put extra pressure on himself. He said that pitchers challenged him differently.           

              Over the winter, Ramirez said he gained 20 to 25 pounds, most of it in his upper body, and worked out in the gym from two to 2 1/2 hours each day, Monday through Friday..


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Unless he's shooting the juice in him 20-25lbs is a helluva a lot of weight gain in a period 4 1/2 months. Time to get on that Treadmill Han Ram. And if its real "upper body" muscle well to the Fantasy players out there, trim those steals from 40 to 20 and the homers from 30 to 35.


I hope its not from eating Pernil !
Damn 225 , yea he batting third.

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