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Hermida and Playing the "Teal Monster"

Teal monster

 JUPITER -- Checked in today with Jeremy Hermida and outfield coach Bo Porter on how Hermida's right-to-left transition is coming. The primary focus has been on improving Hermida's comfort level with the new angle posed in left and reads on balls as they leave the bat. It's an all-new look for Hermida, who has played almost nothing but right field since high school.

One thing I was curious about was how they planned to prepare Hermida for the left field wall and scoreboard -- the so-called "Teal Monster" -- at Dolphin Stadium. Hermida didn't have a high wall to deal with in right, and it could take some getting used to. There is no way to simulate it at the team's spring training facility in Jupiter, and they'll have only one workout day between the end of spring training and the start of the season in which to test it out.

"Haven't looked that far ahead yet," Hermida said, laughing. "We'll worry about that when we get there. That's step B. When we get there, me and Bo will go out to the wall and try to get used to it. As of now we're just worrying about getting reads off the bat and getting used to that."

Porter doesn't think Hermida will have any trouble learning how to play caroms.

"I think it's more of a feel thing," Porter said. "Like I've already told him, when you're going back on a ball and realize you don't have a play, then you want to retreat out because the ball is going to ricochet. As long as you get out far enough, it's always easier to go in and get the ball if it ends up hitting the wall. Being too close, the ball can ricohet and go by you. We've already talked about it and continue to talk about it."

They just won't be able to simulate it this spring.

And just about the time Hermida starts to figure out the Teal Monster, he'll have another Monster to deal with, the big boy in Boston. The Marlins travel to Fenway Park in June for a three-game set against the Red Sox.