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It's a Lefty-Righty Thing (Or Vice Versa)

               JUPITER --The Marlins have a weird -- and I would venture to say, extremely rare -- combination of corner outfielders. Their left fielder, Jeremy Hermida, bats left and throws right. And their right fielder, Cody Ross, bats right and throws left. Check out this really fascinating article at Hardball Times, which lists Ross as the 10th-best bats right/throws left player in big league HISTORY (Rickey Henderson ranks first). If anyone knows of any other such corner combination of polar opposites, past or present, feel free to chime in.

               This is one of those odd topics I could easily become obsessed with. If you'll notice in the HT article, the 9th-best bats right/throws left player is St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Ryan Ludwick. That might demand I walk over to the Cardinals side of the complex to investigate further. The Marlins and Ross, by the way, are housed beyond the left field fence. The Cardinals are on the other side of right. Got it?.

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