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Morning Medicine

            Saw something I've never seen before on my way into Marlins camp this morning. Hanley Ramirez was playing catch with infielder Emilio Bonifacio -- with a medicine ball. Apparently, Ramirez's fitness kick is for real. Not only was he heaving the heavy ball back and forth with Bonifacio, but he was doing so while wearing a weighted vest.

           Ramirez told reporters a couple of days ago that he added upper body strength over the winter by working out two hours a day, five days a week, with one hour spent in the gym and another swimming laps in the pool. His reported 20- to 25-lb. weight gain is a matter of some debate, but his torso is clearly thicker.

          Just wondering how it'll all play out on the field. Is a 40-40 season in the works? Or will his stolen base totals slip another notch as they did last season when he went from back-to-back seasons of 51 steals to "just" 35 in '09? At least, finally, Fredi Gonzalez all but confirmed what Ramirez told a couple of us over the weekend, that he'll drop to third in the order.    


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