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Pinto, Calero on WBC Fence

          JUPITER -- Foggy morning here for spring training, Day 3. Just a couple of updates to get things started.

          Renyel Pinto, who said Friday he did not plan to participate in the World Baseball Classic for the home country (in his case, Venezuela), said he's now a "maybe" for the tournament. The reason: at least three members of the Venezuelan baseball delegation, including the general manager and pitching coach, phoned Pinto and urged him to reconsider. Pinto had wanted to remain in camp with the Marlins in order to focus on the regular season. He'll wait to decide.

         Pinto isn't the only one. Non-roster invitee Kiko Calero, a veteran reliever, is also considering his options. Calero is on the provisional roster for Puerto Rico and would like to take part. He said his experience in the inaugural WBC in '06 was more memorable to him than pitching in the 2004 World Series with the St. Louis Cardinals. But Calero doesn't want to miss out on an opportunity to make an impression with the Marlins, so has postponed his decison on the WBC until next week.

       There are no such WBC reservations for pitcher Chris Leroux. The native of Montreal confirmed that he will play for Canada in the upcoming tournament.



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Raul Gonzalez

MLB has to como to grips about WBC. Teams don´t want their players to go. In the soccer world cup ALL the major players from the world play, the leagues take a break and there is nothing that the teams can do, even though they are the one´s paying millions for the players. This is GOOD for baseball, if they let it happen, in three more edditions it could be one of the world's most important sports events. A fully stocked USA team (all star caliber) against the best the world has to offer is a great event. I think MLB hasn´t marketed the event well, yet

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