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Poll: Rank the Marlins

           The calendar shows we're still about six weeks out from Opening Day, but it's not too early to put on our prediction hats. Just wondering how you think it'll shake out for the Marlins this season in the NL East, a division headed by the World Series champion Phillies, not to mention the usual suspects (Mets), old guard (Braves) and perennial dormat Nats. Tell us where you think the Marlins will end up by voting below:



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1. Phillies
2. Mets
3. Marlins
4. Braves
5. Nats

Hmmm that seems a little to similar to last season's final standings, no?

But for the Marlins it all comes down to pitching. If they're healthy all year and have control then it'll be awfully interesting down the stretch. Ahh the hope of spring!


I agree with Russell: it comes down to pitching. The Marlins can score, (they were the only team in MLB history with all four infielders to jack 30 HR's in a season), so hopefully that will continue.

The Phillies are scary. Good hitters, good pitching, great closer. The Mets are a mystery to me. The Braves are good, but good is all it gets, I think. And the Nats are the Nats, we know what to expect from them.

I think the Marlins can contend with everyone in the East, and they did fare well against the World Champion Phillies last season (10-8 against the Phils), so that offers plenty of hope. I think they can slip into the Playoffs, but give the Phils respect. I assume they'll remain at the top. Marlins at number 2. It'll be close though.

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