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Uggla: "The Really Rich Guy"

               Cody Ross was the first to react when Dan Uggla arrived for spring training, one day after winning his salary arbitration case against the Marlins.

               "There he is!," Ross, preparing to take his cuts in the batting cages, yelled so everyone could hear. "The really rich guy!"

               Arbitrators ruled in favor of Uggla, awarding him a salary of $5.35 for the coming season. The Marlins had offered $4.4 million.

              "It was an experience I was glad to go through," said Uggla, who attended the hearing in Arizona. "But I'd much rather come to terms with the team (in the future) than have to go through that."

              Uggla said he has no special plans for his new wealth outside of providing for his family.

              "You dream about that kind of stuff all your life," Uggla said of his newfound wealth. "Now that it's finally here...I'm still pinching myself. It's not about what I can buy now. It's making sure (family) is okay."