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Hitless in Lakeland


      LAKELAND -- Can't emphasize enough how impressive Ricky Nolasco was on the mound for the Marlins this afternoon. Yeah, yeah. It was spring training and the Tigers sent out a lineup minus a bevy of stars (Cabrera, Ordonez, Guillen and Granderson) tied up with the World Baseball Classic. But, my.....

      Nolasco walked the first hitter he faced Sunday and hit another batter down around the ankles in the second inning. But that was IT. And I'm telling you, the Tigers didn't come close to a hit the seven innings that Nolasco worked. Dan Meyer and Leo Nunez closed out the no-hitter. That would be five by the unofficial count for the Marlins to go with the four bonafide ones belonging to Leiter, Brown, Burnett and Sanchez.

      Nobody I spoke with could remember the last time they'd seen a spring training no hitter. I was able to find mention of one Google-style, by the Mets (of all teams) in 1965. Pitcher named Gary Kroll (pictured) was involved in that one, apparently. What makes that particular no-no so interesting is that the Mets have gone their entire franchise history without an official, regular-season no-hitter.

      Anyone know of any other spring training no-hitters that I'm missing?