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Marlins get Paulino

Well, they didn’t bring back Paul LoDuca and they didn’t get Pudge.

But the Marlins finally made a move to get a backup catcher.

Ronny Paulino is the answer.

Paulino was part of  two separate trades within about a four-hour span late Friday night and landed in Florida after he was shipped from the Phillies to the Giants. The Marlins sent minor league right-handed pitcher Hector Correa to the Giants for a little peace of mind to back up starter John Baker.

This move is just another reminder of how things have yet to work out in that huge trade with the Tigers that sent Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis to Detroit for six players.

Cameron Maybin has all the potential to turn into an All-Star centerfielder, and I still believe Andrew Miller will be successful lefty who can win 12 to 15 games.

But the bottom of that list from Detroit has been pretty sour. We’re still waiting to see if Burke Badenhop can stick in the big leagues, but at least he has a ceiling.

The Marlins unloaded reliever Frankie De La Cruz to the Padres earlier this week, and sent catcher Mike Rabelo to Triple A New Orleans Saturday.

Rabelo has been a total bust. The idea was for this guy to grow into the starting catcher’s role, and the Marlins gave him every opportunity last year.

The Marlins, who had kept Baker buried in the minors, finally had to give him a look last year when injuries forced the club to call him up.

Of course, Baker has been one of the biggest surprises on this team and everyone in the organization looks brilliant because of his success.

Pudge (Ivan Rodriguez) would have been an ideal guy to come in here and be the No. 2 catcher. His experience would have been invaluable to Baker. The problem with signing Pudge was simple. Pudge wants to be an every day catcher, and that just wasn’t a fit in Florida.

So now the Marlins have Paulino, a guy who has had more than 1,000 at-bats in his four seasons in the big leagues. He’s a career .278 hitter, who will be the Sunday afternoon catcher and give Baker a breather now and then.

Personally, I like LoDuca. So does the Marlins owner, but there are some mixed opinions about LoDuca in this front office, and that’s why he never had a chance last year when he played here briefly.

So it’s Ronny Paulino…