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NY Columnist: Could it be Contraction Time for Marlins, A's?

             Bill Madden of the New York Daily News speculates that baseball owners, weary of dumping revenue sharing money into two franchises that are in a perpetual struggle to secure new ballparks, might decide it's time to contract the Marlins and Oakland A's.

             Concludes Madden: "Like just about every other industry in this country right now, baseball is going to have to take stock of its situation and downsize. There are too many teams in baseball anyway and it makes no sense to continue operating them in places that can't or won't support them."


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That would be great idea Bill, this way your Mets wouldn't have to get past the Marlins to make the playoffs anymore


If you can't beat um, throw um out of the league


Just like every other industry in this country right now, I guess we have a BAILOUT coming... Lets go Bud....Build us a stadium


Is this even really a possibility??? do the county commissioners know what they are doing? i mean come on! baseball is important in south florida! granted dolphin stadium is not a good home for the fish, but a new stadium will have locals coming out in huge numbers. it just takes a real ballpark that isnt meant for 70,000 people. we all know it is way too many for ANY baseball stadium. someone please slap some sense into the county board before it is too late! if this does happen, then it is safe to say Miami is the place professional sports come to die!

Barry U

So we should do it based on success. Most World Series rings in the last 20 years in the division can stay. HMMMMMM.

Wile Coyote

So maybe the wets can finally get out of the division. New York writers like this dude are just trying to find a topic to make their bread. The stadium will get built and the Marlins still will not sell out, but they will not contract either.

Ivan O

Seems like the only way we can prevent dumping all those tax payer dollars into the Lorias pockets.

AND NOW tack on another 500 mill to buy the vote for Obamette and the Overtown youth center.

Exactly what this poor ass city needs- more debt.

WOO HOOOOO. At least we can get good seats to watch Dan Uggla boot it all over the diamond.


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