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Proctor to see doctor

Right-handed reliever Scott Proctor, who has been shut down because of pain resulting from scar tissue, is scheduled to see a doctor Sunday.

            Proctor, 32, hasn’t pitched since he threw in an intrasquad game Monday, and had been on a long-toss conditioning program.

"I've been on a throwing program the last two days. I got through it, and took [Saturday] off. I'll see the doctor tomorrow and will get put on some sort of throwing program,’’ Proctor said Saturday morning.

Proctor had elbow surgery (torn flexor) in October, and the Marlins aren’t surprised he is going through some discomfort.

"I had an MRI when I got my physical [in mid February]. There is nothing structurally wrong,’’ Proctor said. “That's the encouraging thing. It's more than likely some scar tissue that got loose, and it's just gotten in parts of the joint.

“Any time they open up your elbow, and they go in there and start moving things around, you're going to have scar tissue laying around in a manner that isn't conducive to what we do," he said. “If a little piece gets in the wrong place, it's going to let you know. One day I can't scratch my head, the next day I can."

            The Marlins are counting on Proctor to become their setup man, but aren’t concerned because they feel there is enough time to recover.

"This is not totally unexpected, given the surgery and also knowing the player," said Larry Beinfest, the Marlins president of baseball operations. "He wants to barrel through everything, and get ready. We'll slow him down a little bit, and get him ready. We've got time on our side, still."

There is even more time this spring, because of the World Baseball Classic, which has stretched out spring training into seven weeks instead of six.

"We've still got four weeks," Proctor said. "It's an injury I've never had before, a surgery I've never had before. We'll just continue to evaluate it, each and every day."