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Pudge to Astros

           Everyone can put those Pudge-to-Marlins rumors to rest now. Ivan Rodriguez, the 37-year-old catcher who is in the twilght of a certain Hall of Fame career, agreed to a 1-year deal on Monday with the Houston Astros.

           The 'Stros are coughing up $1.5 million for Pudge, who had spoken to the Marlins about a possible return engagement. But such a deal always looked doubtful considering the money it took to sign the catcher and his playing-time demands.



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Man that sucks. I think he is still worth 1.5 mill. I know we are cash-strapped but I think we would have offered him that. Most of the players that went to arbitration got around 4 million, so, a 1/2 time starting caliber player should be worth 2 mill. The problem was probably the playing time, I hope.


I have an issue with both the reluctance to give him $1.5 million and the playing time... John Baker has to have a great season for me to get over it, I hope they are right and he is all-star caliber this year.

Tim P

From a tactical standpoint, you don't want to be throwing money around when you're going to be asking the city and county to be shelling out money for a stadium in just a few days.

I'm certain the outcome might have been different with Pudge and perhaps a few more free agents had the votes gone through when they should have weeks ago.

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