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Treanor's Marlins Divorce Was Testy


            LAKELAND -- On the day in December that Matt Treanor was released, ending his 11-year relationship with the Marlins organization, he was informed of the decision not by a club official, but by Palm Beach Post sportswriter Joe Capozzi.

            As a result, Treanor was more than a little unhappy when Larry Beinfest eventually called with official word 30 minutes later.

           "Yeah, I was upset," Treanor said when we caught up with him today inside the Detroit Tigers clubhouse. "I wasn't doing jumping jacks. There were a lot of different reasons why I was upset. Longest tenured player. I had been there for all three ownerships."

           And Treanor said he didn't know he was on the outs with the team until Dec. 10, when the Marlins contacted his agent about a non-guaranteed contract with the possible intent to then trade him to the Baltimore Orioles.

          "There was nothing put in my court until the day of the 10th, and that's the day I was released," Treanor said. "The next thing I know, I was looking for a job. I don't think the Marlins had any intention of keeping me."

         On the night of the 10th, Treanor was having dinner in Honolulu on the last night of his vacation with wife Misty May-Treanor and other family members. That's when received the phone call from the reporter informing him of his release.

         "We were supposed to be having this nice dinner to end our vacation and I'm in and out of the restaurant, and not with the smiling face I was supposed to be having," Treanor said.

        Ultimately, the Tigers signed Treanor to a 1-year deal worth $750,000.