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"He Had The Pipes"

          Kalas                                                          More sad news in the baseball world. Harry Kalas, long-time broadcaster for the Phillies, died today in Washington, D.C., while preparing to call Philadelphia's game against the Nationals. Kalas was 73.

           Marlins broadcaster Tommy Hutton had only nice things to say about Kalas, who also did voice work for the NFL. Hutton played for the Phillies from 1972 through 1977, soon after Kalas became the team's broadcaster.

           "He was just an icon there," Hutton said. "He was just so well received in Philadelphia. There were a couple of times when I've been broadcasting when the Marlins were in Philadelphia, and I had some friends come up to the booth to say hi. And they were more excited when they got to meet Harry Kalas than anything."

           Kalas had a rich, distinctive voice. His signature call on home runs: "Outta here!"

           "He had the pipes," Hutton said.  "I didn't hear him because I was on the field. But I'm sure, of the few home runs I hit, he said 'Outta here' a few times."