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Marlins Trade Kensing to Nationals


                   The Marlins have traded Logan Kensing to the Nationals for minor-league pitcher Kyle Gunderson, a right-hander.

                   Kensing was designated for assignment on Sunday.

                   The Marlins have assigned Gunderson to Single A Jupiter. The Nationals drafted Gunderson out of Rice University in the 48th round of the 2007 amateur draft.


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Another bad move by the Marlins front-office/coaching staff by designating Logan Kensing for assignment then trading him to an opponent, albeit the lowly Nationals. This is just one of the many bad moves management has made over the years. The biggest, making Fredi Gonzalez manager when he clearly does not have what it takes to do it -- Now, because of the way Kensing was misused by Fredi The Bullpen Killer Gonzalez we lose out on a quality pitcher from our bullpen.

A little advice for the Marlins front-office, get rid of Fredi before we move into our new ballpark if they want to be successful, and the number 1 quality to look for in a future manager is to make sure he isn't a cuban because we all know they dont know nothing about baseball.


paolo, are you trying to show how many websites you could be a complete idiot on?


Are you crazy??!?

Look up the stats for the kid we just got...

He looks legit, and Kensing was brutal, perpetually disappointing.


six years with the marlins, a very long tenure; yet Kensing never showed consistency. Picking up bullpen arms is never a bad thing. Maybe Gunderson can help us in the second half of the season.


Larry Beinfest never makes a trade unless he's fleecing someone else's pocket. The kid will be a gem in a few years - while Kensing will continue to be mediocre no matter where he is.


Like Bill Parcells, I will always give Beinfest the benefit of the doubt until he gives us a reason not to.

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