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Ross Gload: On The Trade

             Thanks to our good friends from K.C., who sent along these departing lines from Ross Gload, the left-handed hitter the Marlins obtained Wednesday in a trade with the Royals. Here's what Gload had to say before packing his bags to head to So. Fla.:

           "It’s always shocking. I’ve been traded. I’ve been waived. I’ve been designated. I think (saying good-bye) to the guys is the toughest part. But baseball is baseball.

         I just learned I’m going to take a red-eye tonight and be at Roger Dean Stadium at 10 o’clock tomorrow morning. That’s a quick turnover.
         As long as there’s a unif orm on the other side, there’s an opportunity. It’s the National League, and I think I can fit in well with a National League ballclub. Ideally, I would have liked to have been here. I wish there was a spot.
         On the other end of it, there are double switches. There’s left field and right field and first base over there, too. It’s will be good. I know some of the guys over there, too. I know some of the coaches. I started with the Marlins. I was drafted by them. So now I’m making my second tour through there.
          They’ve played well in the National League East. Two years ago, they made a pretty good run. And they’ve got good, young players. It should be pretty exciting. The National League East will be a little different after being in the middle of the country for the last five years.
       I knew I wasn’t going to be starting  (here) at first base, but I’ve backed up good first basemen and never said a word about it. I’ve played a major-league season from opening day to the last day, got 150 at-bats and played a big part on that team. So I wasn’t going to complain about anything.
       I don’t know what’s ahead. I don’t know how many ABs I’m going to get over there. I may pinch-hit 50 times. I’m working on a red-eye flight right now. That’s what I’ve learned. The GM did call and said I’d play some left, play some right, play some first and pinch hit. And there’s always double switches in the National League, so you’ve got to make sure you’re stretched a little earlier in the National League.