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Anibal Sanchez (shoulder) leaves game in fifth

Frustrating losses are beginning to become compounded by frustrating injuries. Marlins right-hander Anibal Sanchez appears to be the latest casualty. Trailing 4-1 in the fifth inning, Sanchez left today's game with what we were just told was right shoulder discomfort.

Anibal Sanchez The fourth pitcher in Marlins history to toss a no-hitter had just thrown a strike to Jeff Francoeur when he looked down in frustration and failed to keep his glove up to haul in the throw back from catcher Ronny Paulino. A trainer came out to check on Sanchez before manager Fredi Gonzalez came out and replaced him with right-hander Burke Badenhop.

Sanchez began the 2008 season on the disabled list after missing most of the 2007 season following right shoulder surgery. He left Thursday after giving up seven hits and four earned runs in 4 2/3 innings. The Marlins are expected to get their fifth-starter Andrew Miller back on May 16th. But they'll likely need someone to pitch in Sanchez's next scheduled start which was supposed to be Tuesday at Milwaukee.

Sanchez has given up 16 earned runs in his last three starts, which have gone a combined 14 2/3 innings. That's a 9.81 ERA.


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This team sucks and has really gotten the short end of recent trades and free agent decisions/signings... Cabrera trade was highway robbery!!!

I would give this squad a shot through the trading deadline and here is what I would do if they continue at this rate (Probably will get surpassed by Nats at this pace)

1)Trade Hermida for whatever they can get and call-up Logan Morrison to replace him in LF

2)Send Cameron "the bust" Maybin down to A ball or AA and replace him with Amezega

3)Trade Cody Ross for whatever they can get and call-up Michael Stanton for a trial run. He can platoon with Ross Gload if necessary.

4)Trade Uggla while he still has value and move Bonifacio to 2nd, while calling up Coghlan to platoon or battle for the starting job.

5)Call-up Gaby Sanchez for a trial-run at 3rd.

6)Move Josh Johnson to the top of the rotation, and Chris Volstad to the 2nd spot.

7)Move Nolasco down to the 3rd spot, while also putting out some feelers for him on the trade market.

8)Put out feelers for Anibal Sanchez on the trade market as well, if healthy of course.

9)Ride-out the storm with Andrew Miller for the rest of the season and hope that it clicks for him. If not, look for trade partners in the offseason.

10)Call-up Sean West to replace whoever in the staff is traded.

11)Continue with Lindstrom at closer, while also preparing Leo Nunez to be his eventual replacement


I think that it is fire-sale time and not to save money, but to get better.

The majority of guys on this team are a disgrace. The only players worth keeping are Ramirez, Cantu, Baker, Johnson, Volstad, Nunez, and maybe Lindstrom (not sure yet)


I think with the 11-1 the PR machine tried to sell a bag of goods that went bad to quickly. Kind of like buying at a flea market. Truth is that the offense provided by the leadoff, and the outfielders just isn't good enough to do anything for this team. Add that with a weaker than expected bullpen, two starters not even close to their pror levels (Nolasco and Sanchez) and two others used not ready for Prime time (Miller and Maybin) and this team may have taken a step backwards that may be difficult to recover from.
Obviously the key is the lead-off to the offense. When Bonifacio had his flash fire start, he ignited the office. But now that his return to Earth is a bigger strike than the meteor who wiped out the Dinosaurs, the offense is flat. If there are no dingers, there are no runs. Not good. It appears this team is not as good as last year's or the expectations placed on them for this year. Too bad. They have some good players (Ramirez, Cantu, Baker) that are worth it.

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