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Brett Hayes Up, Marlins Odds and Ends

                Hayes                                                                                                                                                                 Brett Hayes (yes, we know, a third catcher) was called up from Triple A New Orleans and added to the Marlins roster. The reason: the Marlins didn't have many options to choose from on their 40-man roster. They didn't want to recall Cameron Maybin for what will be only a 2- or 3-day stay. And they were unable to bring back Alejandro De Aza and Brett Carroll because of a 10-day freeze period. So Brett Hayes it is, if only for the time being.

                Toinight's Lineup:

                Marlins: 1. Emilio Bonifacio, 3b; 2. Jeremy Hermida, rf; 3. Hanley Ramirez, ss; 4. Jorge Cantu, 1b; 5. John Baker, c; 6. Dan Uggla, 2b; 7. Cody Ross, cf; 8. Chris Coghlan, lf; 9. Ricky Nolasco, p.

                   -- Not sure whether Cristhian Martinez was around long enough to drink his cup of coffee. But the Marlins liked what they saw of him on Thursday and wouldn't be reluctant to bring him back if the need arises. Had he put away Justin Upton with two outs in the 8th, losing him on a walk after getting ahead 0-2, he might have avoided the loss in his big-league debut. Instead, Mark Reynolds followed the Upton walk with a 2-run, go-ahead homer. Martinez, who was called up as an emergency reinforcement for the fatigued bullpen and was optioned back to Double A Jacksonville after the game, struck out four in two innings.

                  -- The Marlins held leads in all three games they lost to Arizona. They have now owned leads in 13 of their 23 losses.

                  -- The Marlins are averaging about the same number of errors as they did last season, but the ones they're making are proving more costly. The Marlins made 117 errors in 161 games in 2008. They are presently on pace for 115 errors over a 162-game season. But they've also allowed 23 unearned runs. If they continue at this pace, they'll end up with 88 unearned runs compared to 60 last season.

                  -- Fredi Gonzalez won't be in the dugout for tomorrow's game against the Rays. He'll be in Atlanta to attend his daughter's (Gigi) high school graduation. Bench coach Carlos Tosca will man the helm in his absence. Gonzalez said he'll be back in time to manage Sunday's game.

                 -- Still no word on Saturday's starter, though it appears it'll either be Sean West or Daniel Barone, with West the more likely candidate.

                 -- The bullpen will remain short-handed for tonight's game. Gonzalez said Leo Nunez and Burke Badenhop are not available, and that he would turn to Kiko Calero only as a last resort. Gonzalez said Nunez is still feeling the effects from Wednesday's doubleheader. The slight-of-build reliever pitched in both games. "He was really spent," Gonzalez said. "He was upset the second game that he couldn't give us more." Nunez gave up a game-deciding, 3-run homer to Justin Upton in the 13th inning.

               -- Cody Ross is back in the lineup after leaving Thursday's game with a migraine headache. He said he began seeing "squiggly lines and stars" when he went to the outfield after his at bat (strikeout looking) in the fourth inning. That's a sign, Ross said, of an oncoming migraine, something he experiences about once or twice a year. "I could have played if it was just a headache," Ross said. "It's the part of not being able to see. I felt bad because we were short on the bench."


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Can Fredi stay in Atlanta for what remains of the season and his life really. Soon, Tosca can join him as well and we can find ourselves a real manager.

I don't know about tonight but at least tomrrow, with Fredi gone, our chances of winning the game improve big time though Tosca is a mini-Fredi unfortunately.


i love how you always say fredi is awful but you never say what he does. for now on, tell us how fredi blows the game for now ofter. how has he blown them the last 2 night?


Makes horrible line up decisions. terrible and senseless subtitutions that another manager would not make even with those on this team. terrible at handling the bullpen. there, you happy now?


I think his time has come . I like the guy but we need a new direction for this young team !


like what. what would you do? what would your lineup be? why dont you pos tevery inning toight to tell what you would do if you were manager. should be fun to watch your stupidity


Just because your a fellow cuban ref, balsero scumbag like Fredi does not mean you have to take the comments i make towards him as if I am speaking of you. If you want me to speak of you or to you I will do so directly. For one thing, Amezaga, when healthy does not belong in the starting lineup under any circumstances.

How I would handle my bullpen and batting order would be based on who is hot rather than the matchups which Fredi does over and over again after it has failed over and over again. do you not watch games? who ever does has to agree that he relies on the matchup concept too much and of course it has not worked our recently slide is great proof of that.

Did Fredi not coach under future H.O.F in Bobby Cox? I think Cox should feel ashamed that someone that he basically took under his wing doesnt seem to have taken very much positives out of being around him. Fredi makes Cox look terrible and Cox is far from that. The big leagues is not for Fredi, this team is better off without him. Like all cubans as yourself, he is just here for the money.


Already down 4, the first couple runs came on a missed play by Chris Coghlan out in LF and some bad pitches and deep counts by Nolasco. See, I know the people in the front office make the decision as to who gets called up and where they play and having Coghlan out in LF is a very bad idea, he has made some plays but for the most part has shown he has a lot to learn out there -- which should not be a goal for him anyway as he is an IF. What the team needs to do is call up De Aza or Maybin, have them in CF and leave Hermide and Ross in LF and RF respectively. At some point, Loria has to point his finger at someone else other than the players to blame for our recent struggles, Fredi is the next one that should get a finger pointed towards him and get fired after tonight's game so his stay back in ATL can be longer than he expected. We are not going no where with this rafter.


Clark or Manny, which one of you is updating live today? Has there ever been a manager fired during or in the middle of a game? If not, making Fredi the first to have that happen to would not be such a bad idea. Why am I putting this on Fredi again? the scoring got started after a missed play by Coghlan out in LF, a position that is not for him. Had we had one of our true CF's in Maybin or De Aza, Ross and Hermida would be in their regular positions of LF and RF respectively. It is a long season and we are going to have our hot and cold streaks but this is just way too much, Fredi has got to go and he has got to go now and I don't just mean to Atlanta but he needs to go back to Cuba or something because this is just unacceptable.


dude, shut the hell up aplready. how is any of this fredis fault? how is it the managers fault when he has awful pitching. hes proven time in and time out hes a good manager and he wont get fired because of his big contract


I am not shutting up -- if you want to go at it, let me know -- won't be at the game tomrrow but will be there at some point during the next home-stand assuming this balsero is finally gone. you want to shut me up than man up and do it like one. I am expressing my opnion as I have the right to do on here, if you dont like it oh well tough. you know nothing about the marlins and baseball in gnereal if you call him a good manager that is far too much praise for him... he would not be a big league manager of it werent for our lousy owners. again, yes our players are not getting it done, but its not like he is doing what he can to put them in a better position to win, he is the one that puts the team in a deeper hole than they have themselves in. Because this game has gotten so bad so fast, have you began drinking alcolhol, because only someone under the influence or brain-dead as you seem to be would call him a bad manager after he has single handedly cost this team games with his senseless moves since the day he got hired.


Who cares about his big contract, he does not deserve a single penny of what that contract reads anyways. He should be made to put that money in what will go to building our new stadium if not to some sort of charity. Any good front office would just pay and let the guy walk rather than pay them to see the bum ruin the team night after night.


his big contract is guarenteed and a small market team? how do you not get this? god are you so stupid. why do you post here if nobody likes you or respects or reads your posts. got to marlins baseball.com and prosportsdaily.com/forums and sign up there and see how much they make fun of you.

and we have 1 of the best front offices in baseball, so your pea sized brain is nothing compared to how great of a front office they are


You, call me crippled and this and that and the other but you have got to be in a far worse condition than I am to continously, for no reason what so ever, be the only one to continously give that sorry ref we call our manager praise and than go ahead and give equal or more praise to our front office. Samson and Beinfest are the only ones who deserve credit. Beinfest for the talent he has brought to this team and Samson for helping us get our much deserved stadium. But Loria is the cheapskate loser to blame because had he gotten along with Giradi and blow on his arse as he does with Fredi, than he would still be here and have this team still fighting for or in first place for the majority of the season and give us a real shot at the playoffs. The injuries and lack of execution are realistic points to mention as the reason to our struggles but Fredi has done little to nothing to help the cause, if anything he has constantly made it worse. I know he does not have much at his disposal, but this is the big leagues, you have to be good enough to work with what you got or this is not the place for you.

okay, we are a small market team? yes, we all know that -- that is thanks to our lousy bandwagon fans and of course cheap owner. okay, so what if his contract is guranteed? if this front office, loria in particular is as great as you make them seem, dont you think they would care more for the good of the team than this loser? if they cared and were as good as you make them, they would part ways with this bum and give it to someone more deserving and more knowledge.

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