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Marlins Bullpen Exhausted -- Moves in the Morning

                    Tonight's doubleheader, which including a 13-inning nightcap, took such a toll on the Marlins' bullpen that manager Fredi Gonzalez said the club will make moves sometime tomorrow to replenish the pen.

                    "They're running on fumes," Gonzalez said. "They have nothing in the tank. I just hope tomorrow morning nobody wakes up with a sore arm or bad elbow."

                    Matt Lindstrom, Kiko Calero, Leo Nunez and Dan Meyer pitched in both games of the twinbill. One of the Marlins' long relievers, Hayden Penn, started the second game, went 2 2/3 innings and threw 70 pitches. The other long man, Burke Badenhop, took over for Penn, threw 3 2/3 innings and 53 pitches. Renyel Pinto went 1 2/3 innings and threw 28 pitches in the second game. And Brian Sanches went two innings and threw 34 pitches in the second game.

                    Gonzalez said the Marlins were even prepared to use Andrew Miller had the second game gone much longer, and Miller is slated to start Thursday.

                    Gonzalez, pitching coach Mark Wiley, and members of the front office staff --Larry Beinfest, Mike Hill and David Samson -- met behind closed doors in the manager's office for about 15 minutes to discuss the situation.

                    "I'm sure we'll make some moves tomorrow morning," Gonzalez said. 


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This is just an opinion but I have to speak out, because I get so upset watching Renyel Pinto come in and mess things up. He's been good at times but overall is it worth not trading him. We could use help on the team and he does not seem to grasp what is required of him. I'm sure he is a great person, but lets build this team up. We need a boost in the worst way. IMO.


Your right we need a boost, and that would come if we were to fire fredi gonzalez.


We had our chances with runners on and did not execute and in the end that did us in. But, Fredi The Bullpen Killer Gonzalez had a helping hand in last night loss as usual -- He once again brought in a struggling Reynel Pinto in a pressure situation that he should have known was not the right spot for him and it hurt us. Some will say that with the double-header there werent many guys he could have gone to but no matter what our few options were, Pinto should not have been one of them but of course Fredi goes to him because he wants to see us lose. Again, we had our chances in extra innings, but this game was lost earlier when Fredi brought in Pinto...no other way around it.


Last night, one of the 500 or so fans was dressed up as Chewbacca with a custom made Marlins jersey that said "Chewy" on the back. Is this person a regular at Marlins game???


Yes, Chewbacca is a regular at Marlins games. Maybe, he or she can be our manager in place of Fredi

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