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Marlins sparkle in win over Dodgers

There's a really good chance Saturday night was the last time the Marlins are going to have Pom Pom giveaway night. In case you weren't at Land Shark Stadium you probably missed the silver lining in the Marlins 6-3 win over the Dodgers.

It was all over the field -- silver strands from the 15,000 pompoms given away before the game. Fans spent most of the night tossing those strands in the air, which eventually landed on the field. Players weren't happy. Dan Uggla called the situation "brutal." John Baker, who hit a two-run home run to break a 2-2 tie in the fifth, got deeper.

"Absolutely brutlal,'' Baker said. "The thing that was really frustrating is you look up and see people shaking them like its a joke. Its frustrating when stuff is flying all over the field and they're shiny and they hit the lights... I think you focus for the moment and your OK. But seeing stuff all over the baseball field... baseball is obviously America's past time and to see like that all over the field is very frustrating for a player."

Of course, at least they won and they were plenty of encouraging signs.

Andrew Miller's five innings in his first start since he went on the DL April 20th with an oblique strain wasn't glorious. But he picked up the win and got stronger as the game progressed.

"His final two and half innings were outstanding," manager Fredi Gonzalez said. "His breaking ball was good, his fastball outstanding. That was a good start for Andrew."

Baker agreed. "I felt he did great. I think he made a breakthrough in the middle of the game. Anybody could see it watching on the velocity from the third inning on. [Pitching coach] Mark [Wiley] told him if your going to miss, miss throwing your good stuff. All of a sudden, you see 93, 94, 95 and it turned around for him. You have to give him credit battling through a shaky start. That's a tough lineup even without Manny Ramirez in it."

> After the game we learned utility man Alfredo Amezaga injured his left knee rounding third base in the eighth. Gonzalez said Amezaga would get reevaluated before Sunday's game. It's the same knee Amezaga hurt while playing for Mexico in the World Baseball Classic.


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Why would any Marlin player be upset that we were tearing up our pom poms and finally after 5 game losing streak enjoying a win at home. Who knows maybe that distraction help us win. You should be thanking the fans for stirring things up. At the end of the day, Baker shouldn't pissed at the very few fans that at least go to the games. If anything, we should be upset at the lackluster level of play that the Marlins have been giving us.


I am so happy that Amezaga got injured late in the game. This game is by no means Amazing. He is the most useless soul in the history of baseball next to our manager Fredi Gonzalez. Alfredo is a defensive liability especially out in CF and he stinks with the bat -- There is nothing one can say to defend Fredi's move of sitting a better hitter and defender in Ross for this loser. Why is it that every time Fredi makes a move he is taking out a key player and inserting the useless Amezaga? Once these two waste of human souls our gone from our team we will surely see better days. I hope Alfredo is gone for a very long time.


Dan Uggla actually drew two walks and got a hit somehow. Maybe he should ask for streamers to be thrown on the field more often.


paolo just stop talking. dont talk if you dont know what happened, he got an extremely important rbi in the 8th inning. you are a piece of **** for being happy he is injured. nobody wants to here what you ahve to say whether it is on the cbs boards, this board, or the marlins website message board. just stop posting stuff cause it is all idiotic


great to see Andrew Miller in the rotation again. I know there is high expectation for Miller, which maybe the reason so many are down on him, but he looked good last night. Even his "not so good" outings show promise. Sad to see Amezaga injured hope its nothing serious

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