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Marlins -- The Day After Hangover

             Fish fried                              Can it get any worse for the Marlins than last night's 15-2 fish fry? Of course it can. Ricky Nolasco is on his way down to New Orleans to become a Zephyr. Have been unable to confirm reports that David Davidson, who was also shown the door, forgot his left arm when he packed up and left last night. A 52-pitch inning will do that sort of thing.

                  -- From the How Bad Is It Dept.: The Marlins are 8-23 over their last 31 games, which isn't the worst 31-game stretch in club history. But it's darn close. Those huggable '98 Marlins went 5-26 during one bleak stretch. But 8-23 matches the second-worst 31-game slide by any Marlins club. The record for smelliest 32-game period (for those holding a candlelight vigil tonight): the '98 club again, which went 6-26 during one awful run.

                -- Two more minor-league pitchers join the club today: Sean West and Chris Leroux. West is starting tonight against the Rays. It hasn't been a pretty sight so far for the pitching call-ups. Other than Brian Sanches, and with the occasional exception of Burke Badenhop, the reinforcements haven't plugged very many leaks. The call-up conglomerate of Sanches, Badenhop, Davidson, Graham TaylorCarlos Martinez and Cristhian Martinez is a collective 2-5 with a 6.75 ERA. Next.

               -- Think the Marlins qualify for federal emergency disaster relief funds or any of that bailout money?
                                                                                                                                                                        -    - Mark your Marlins calendars for June 8. That's when Randy Johnson could be bidding for Randy johnson career win No. 300. The Big Unit and the Giants will be in South Florida for a 4-game series, and June 8 is the day Johnson would be in line to pitch. Johnson, who is sitting on 298 'W's,' failed in his bid for 299 when he took on the Mariners last night. He should have two more starts between now and June 8 -- one against the Braves and the other in D.C. Johnson's all-time record against the Marlins: 8-1.

               -- Rick VandenHurk is making a rehab start Sunday at Single A Jupiter while Anibal Sanchez will be there to pitch a sim game. Their returns are about two weeks away.

              -- Talk about your heated rivalries. Move over Yankees-Red Sox. Step aside Cubs-Cardinals. When it comes to pure blood-boiling hatred (or more likely it's just bad pitching), nothing tops the Citrus Series showdown of Marlins-Rays, at least in interleague play. Thanks to the folks at www.plunkeveryone.com for coming up with the fact that no interleague series has had more plunkings than the 74 produced over the years between the Marlins and Rays. That's 23 more plunkings than the next closest interleague rivalry.And the Rays pitchers, those meanies, are responsible for 52 of those 74 hit batsmen. Tampa Bay's Carlos Pena was plunked last night by Brian Sanches as the Marlins pitchers try to close the gap.


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I know Fredi is not going to manage tonight as he is back home in Atlanta where he should stay. I don't think any other updates are necessary as to who we call up or send down. Just let us know when Fredi and Tosca have been fired because that is all that matters right now.


Dude, you are like a broken record. Do you ever come up with anything else to say? Just shut up already.


Roger that, lol -- Not! I will continue to repeat the same thing over and over until he is gone because he is our one and only problem. Once he is gone things will get dramatically better.


Clark, Manny, What is the real feeling in the clubhouse? I want to know as a fan how this team is still backing their manager and what some of the veteran guys are saying? This team has the same feeling of a John Boles managed club. Get the real story...ya know the dirt, because I can't imagine that the owner, Larry Beinfest or the players can be very happy with a coaching staff that clearly hasn't prepared this team. Just look at Nolasco and his fall from dominance. Time to report the real story guys!!


The club really has no veteran Starting pitchers, some of it is injuries. I would have liked to have seen some upgrades already since they (management) are getting their wishes with a new stadium.
I still can't believe that Mr. Pinto is still around either. I like Matt Lindstrom and think we are on the right path there. We need some horses and in the batting order. A guy who bats in the top 10 in the league to go with Hanley and Jose Cantu would be great. If we upgraded the team and still play bad then i would say that coaching is the real culprit.


haha paolo, we have no other problems? god you are stupid. what about fielding, pitching and hitting?


I agree with vivasicily, I want our writers to ask the real questions and get some real answers of which we won't get from Fredi anyway. He does not know what he is doing out there, he has proven that to us since day one. Our TV broadcasters and newspaper writers hide when it comes to addressing the real issue with the Marlins which is Fredi and Loria afraid to pull the trigger because of his relationship with him. There have been enough lineup changes, enough tweakings, enough promotions and demotions -- if it is not working it is because the problem is beyond that, the problem is Fredi and things will not change until he goes.

Message to our writers, we want to read stories from you based on how the ineptness that is Fredi Gonzalez has been the biggest reason for this current disaster and the disaster that has been this team throughout his time as mananger. This team does need some new faces but also a sense of stability as us fans do, just let Fredi go along with his bench coach who is no better than him but let the rest of the staff stay. They can take some of the blame for this debacle as they are apart of this, but Fredi is the head man here and he has done nothing to put these guys in their place and step up and light a fire under our players.

We need a disciplanrian, not a balsero baby-sitter as is Fredi.

J. Jenkins

The Marlins management and players make bad decisions. The errors are not just on the field but in the decision to place infielders in the outfield, the decision to start minor league pitchers, the failure to sign a left- handed hitting power hitter from free agency or by trade, (Hermida is not the answer.)the decision to place Bonofaccio as lead off, the failure to resign several effective relief pitchers from last year (Rhodes and Gregg), etc. etc. I vote for bringing back Jack McKeon before the season gets too far gone, which already may be the case.


Great points Mr. Jenkins.

el guru

word on the street is Bobby V is done managing in Japan and is looking into coming back to MLB. I say get rid of that clown hialeah fredi and bring in a real tough guy manager to clean up this mess.

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