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Thin Pen and Bench: Marlins Going Short-Handed Tonight

                 Manager Fredi Gonzalez joked that he might just take his customary seat in the dugout tonight, light up a cigar, and watch the Marlins and Diamondbacks go at it at Land Shark Stadium. That's because he won't have many decisions to make, not with only 14 to 16 players at his disposal.

                 The bullpen was all but wiped out by Wednesday's doubleheader, the second-game of which went 13 innings and didn't end until 1:48 a.m. So the Marlins called up a couple of relievers from the minors today -- right-hander Cristhian Martinez and lefty Dave Davidson -- just to get through the crisis period. The Marlins made space for them on their 25-man roster by optioning outfielder Alejandro De Aza to Triple A New Orleans and placing Alfredo Amezaga on the 15-day disabled list, retroactive to last Saturday.

                 That leaves the Marlins with just three bench players tonight: Wes Helms, Ross Gload and Ronny Paulino. And Gonzalez said he does not plan on using any of his relievers, other than the two new arrivals, in support of starter Andrew Miller.

                 Martinez and Davidson might not be up for long, only long enough to get through tonight and, perhaps, tomorrow. The Marlins will likely call up a starter -- with Sean West looming as the favorite -- to pitch Saturday against Tampa Bay.

                 Gonzalez said there's a chance he could use someone like Burke Badenhop as a pinch-hitter early in the game.

                 "You guys won't have anything to second-guess tonight," Gonzalez told reporters.

                 Tonight's lineup:

                 Marlins: 1. Emilio Bonifacio; 3b; 2. Jeremy Hermida, rf; 3. Hanley Ramirez, ss; 4. Jorge Cantu, 1b; 5. John Baker, c; 6. Dan Uggla, 2b; 7. Cody Ross, cf; 8. Chris Coghlan, lf; 9. Andrew Miller, p.

                 Diamondbacks: 1. Augie Ojeda, ss; 2. Ryan Roberts, 2b; 3. Justin Upton, rf; 4. Mark Reynolds, 3b; 5. Eric Byrnes, lf; 6. Chad Tracy, 1b; 7. Chris Snyder, c; 8. Chris Young, cf; 9. Max Scherzer, p.


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What a mess

Mr. Jeddy

Pitching stinks.


With Fredi STILL as our manager for some strange reason, there will always be something left to second guess. Finally, Amezaga is on the DL, hopefully he stays there for what remains of the season. Hopefully we can see De Aza back here where he belongs soon after we have made use of these pitchers during this tough stretch. Won't be too long before we have Cameron Maybin is called up as he is doing well down in the minors. Ross, Maybin and De Aza should be our CFs and Amezaga can be gone or stay down in the minors where he belongs. If he does come back he is nothing but a bench warmer INF bottom of order hitter.


Fredi should seriously just resign as a professional manager and go back to cuba and smoke some cigars with castro and leave managing the Marlins to someone who can actually do the job because clearly he can't. We would be better off without this bum.


god paolo. honestly. nobody reads your posts so why do you bother posting them. its always racist and down right stupid so go follow some other sport like hockey. just go away. fredi is a very good manager and he certainly wont be fired anytime soon


Mike, you obviously read it if your responding to it so there you have it.


i read your name dip shi*. i read your posts for like 2 days last year and now i just ignore your stupid as*


Yeah Paulo, you might have one of the worst baseball minds on the internet, and that's considering the fact that Joe Morgan does chats.


C'mon Fredi doing a good job?? He is always joking like it's no big deal that his team isn't really responding to any of his motivational speeches. Take this whole staff and send them down to a AA team somewhere in Alaska!!


Ah red neck Flipper he always does it under different names.

el guru

loria stinks! fredi stinks! this AAA team we have stinks! I say clean house and start over with MLB players!!!

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