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Pitching Configurations -- Sean West, Perhaps?

               With all the scheduling uncertainty due to the rain, the Marlins' pitching plans are in a state of flux. Josh Johnson is scheduled to go tonight, but the heavy drops have started falling at the ballyard and the infield has been covered. If tonight's game is rained out, the Marlins and Diamondbacks will likely play doubleheaders on Wednesday AND Thursday, as Arizona does not return to South Florida the rest of the season.

               Chris Volstad is set to start Game 1 of Wednesday's doubleheader. Game 2 is a TBA, with Hayden Penn expected to receive the assignment. Andrew Miller is due to start Thursday Friday is also a TBA, though manager Fredi Gonzalez said Ricky Nolasco could get the start ("We're kicking it around"),even on short rest. Nolasco threw 76 pitches Monday before rain cut short his outing.

              If Nolasco goes Friday -- or even Saturday -- there's a very strong possibility the Marlins will have to dip into their minor-league ranks for a starter. And this might be the time they pull the trigger on Sean West, who pitched Monday for Double A Jacksonville and would be lined up for a Saturday start. West, who is one of the organization's top prospects, is 4-2 with a 4.85 ERA. The problem with West is that his arbitration clock would start ticking if he was promoted now.

             --Rick VandenHurk (DL, elbow) threw a 60-pitch simulation game on Tuesday and will make a rehab start (60-70 pitches) for Single A Jupiter on Sunday. The Marlins are penciling VandenHurk in for an early June return. Same with Anibal Sanchez, who threw a bullpen session Tuesday and is set to do it again on Thursday.


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How can anyone support Fredi Gonzalez as a manager? I just watched him bring in that fat pig Pinto who promptly hits a guy and then gives up the big hit!! As a Marlins fan how many times have we watched this...It is time to pack Wiley and Fredi's bag and ship them to the island on "Lost"!!


Wiley is alright. It is Fredi that needs to go. Our other coaches do their very best to help put this team in the best position to win, but when you have Fredi as a manager things are bound to go bad, fast and constantly. It is time to stop blaming injuries, defense and all these other things we have been pointing the finger to as the reason for our struggles -- time to realize Fredi is the problem and the only way this team will turn it around and has a real future moving into a new ball park is by firing this loser and sending him and Tosca back to cuba. We need to start a petition to have them fired and gone as soon as possible maybe before tomrrows double header if not by the end of the week


"Our other coaches do their very best to help put this team in the best position to win"

Are you serious? We have been horrible defensively for 2 years, no coincidence that Andy Fox has been the infielding coach during that span. Add Bo Porter in that mix as well for Hermida not improving in the OF. Now comes Jim Pressley, the coach that oversees all the strikeouts and lack of situational hitting. Other than Wiley, the whole staff should be sacked.


We lost the game last night because of poor defense and no timely hitting. This is not the manager's fault. It is the players not performing as they should. We have the lowest payroll and its the manager's fault? Please...

We had 12 hits (left 8 on base) and scored only three runs....Fredi's fault?

Fredi took Johnson out in the 7 th inning because he was out of gas (97 pitches) had just given up a home run, and had two men in scoring position. He brought in Pinto to pitch to a lefty. You may not like Pinto and he certainly did poorly last night, but Pinto has an ERA of 1.57 this year. It was the right move.


Your right, at the end of the day the players out on the field have to get it done, but our manager does nothing to put them in the best position to do that... he does the complete opposite.

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